Monday, August 4, 2014


Our home is once again, empty.....an EMPTY NEST home.

Steve, Angela and Isabelle left us Saturday evening to head for Nashville, TN.  Patti, Mark and Maggie  "stopped in" to pick up our infamous RED OTTOMAN for Maggie's new townhouse. 

We did manage to all have one  quick meal before they all left and went their different ways!

So.....there we were.....alone!  It was more depressing for me than I thought.  I had looked forward to seeing them for so, so long and they were gone so fast.  BUT....living back in the States, we will get to see them often.  

What's my therapy......moving furniture!!!
It gets my mind going and the exercise is great!

I looked around and decided to do some "moving'......got MC involved to help.  He didn't mind and we spent the better part of yesterday rearranging.  It worked, I felt better!  It doesn't matter if the changes make the rooms look better, the point is I do!!!  Nothing is cemented in place and everything can be moved again.

Just for fun I will give you a glimpse of what we did.

Added the wing back chair to the mix!  I have used it before with the dining table and it has always been a favorite idea of mine!

Mirrored Desk and Mirrored Round Table now bedside tables!

 Bedside tables under windows

Simple changes.....great THERAPY!!!

They all passed the Morning Test this morning! 


  1. Patty I always love to see the changes you and MC make together, it looks great to me. YOUR home is so lovely and well appointed, you should be very proud of what you have accomplished. GREAT JOB!!! Glad it passed the morning the test, that test is tried and true!!
    xoxo Kathysue

  2. A little furniture moving therapy works wonders. My brother came for a quick visit from New Hampshire on Friday evening because of his class reunion on Saturday. The valet at the parking garage damaged his car at the hotel where the reunion was which in turn reduced his time here on Sunday. It always seems the visit goes much too quickly.

  3. love the therapy and love the mirrored tables on either side of the bed, mirroring each other. ;)

  4. Good for you! You know what works and do it instead of throwing a pity party. I've always admired you moving furniture so much. I tend to stick to accessories. Guess I need to borrow MC for the heavy stuff! It is wonderful that you had a good, albeit short, visit with everyone.

  5. Your house looks so good Patty! I love your style and I'm amazed that you can come up with some many furniture configurations that work! Well done!

  6. Everything's looking great, Patty! Redoing the house really is the best therapy :) xo Kristy