Thursday, January 3, 2013


In reality this should be titled

After going through all we did  at The Bucket List House in 2012, I really don't have a favorite! We really did more than I thought !

 BTW, I did read that Bucket List House is a "term" that the literal world wants to eliminate.....I'm still using it!

Of course one project stood out as the most Dramatic.  The one that changed the entire feel of the house! That being,  our painting the Kitchen and both Baths with Annie Sloan Chalk paint!  This was a project that we both had our hands in!!!  MC did the painting and I did the waxing.  Lighting and our camera don't reveal these to their fullest.

In no particular order here are some more of our Outstanding accomplishments !!!

Considering that both MC and I are "retired" living in a community described as  "AN ACTIVE ADULT  COMMUNITY", it strikes me in a very ironic way, that two of our largest projects were MC's Office and my Office.  Neither of us WORK!  We don't need one office, let alone TWO!!  But we have them,  and MC did all the work!


MC built the bookcases, made the drapery panels  (with iron-on tape), and framed meaningful photos, using frames from the Dollar Store....That project was the cheapest for the year!  $8.00

My Office!
MC and I do have our Breakfasts here.  Great morning light and view!

I had seen picture after picture of elegant entries and decided our Front Door needed an UPGRADE.  MC came to the rescue and presto our Foyer now looks like a million!  All it needed was painting the door BLACK!

You have a view above at one of the few purchases we made this year.  Yes, our Animal Skin rugs!  These are not most of my readers' favorites, but we love them!

In this Epiphany, MC added mirrored tiles  above the doorways to mimic the windows around the front door.  Before, the space was just a framed white plank of wood.

I must say this has EVOLVED!  It has had three different finishes and we are still discussing changes!!!

 In March,   MC using the iron-on tape made new  drapery panels for the Great and Dining Rooms!  The gold damask silk added much needed color and texture to both rooms.  I am sorry about the color quality of these photos.  We need a professional photographer!!!

 A change we made that was subtle but very effective,  was switching out our kitchen and dining tables.  My "Office" would never have been conceived if the tables hadn't been switched.  The glass,  60" round table works so much better in the Dining Room.  MC and I thoroughly enjoy our "diners" at this table nightly! We have also done a lot of entertain with wonderful friends.  We sat 10 here at our New Year's Eve party.

MC did quite a few of his MC Little People this year.  When he constructed the built-ins behind his desk, he dedicated a shelf just for them.

There was one other "Event" that occurred during 2012.  I was one of 10 Bloggers who were published and featured in the May 2012 issue of Traditional Home Magazine!  So much fun....

Have no clue what's next. ????????