Monday, January 21, 2013



My Style runs the gamut!   Our BLH has it all!  We have incorporated Traditional, Transitional, Asian, a dab of French Country,  and now a big dash of Contemporary!  If I like a piece, I make it work!

It's funny how things turn out!  Ideas, images, you name it, they are there, in my head.   Some stay hidden for years!  This Post is basically about an "image" that has been hidden away for 4 years.  It moved up front a week ago last Friday!!  I have been working on it   (in my head)   .....did have the left over paint project that needed to be finished.  I have to "play" it smart with MC.  I can't put too much on his plate at one time!

 Back to the "INSPIRATION".   When we decided to move to Atlanta I bought an issue of  Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle.  It seemed like the thing to do!  I now have a  renewable 3 year subscription.

In that issue, there was a feature story about a home designed by Margaret Bosbyshell.  I connected with the rooms immediately !

Last Spring, MC and I decided to paint the inside of our Front Door Black.  Remember?   Where do you think that inspiration came from?  You guessed it.  That home!

I never said it was an exact duplicate......The "drop dead" marble flooring is not in our budget!

Jump forward to a week ago Friday.   That was the day MC and I went to hear Kenneth speak on Area Rugs!  He gave a wonderful presentation.  I learned tons of valuable information.    He stressed that personal taste should always be a large part of  the final decision.  A designer has to "listen", but at the same time,  advise!  A very thin line!

Remember last year when I tried the Flokati area rug in the entry?  It was lush, but way too thick for an Entry!  After it had been down for a few days, we attended a Dinner.  A Dress-Up one!  I had on high heels!  Yes, on occasion, I can still wear them!!!  Long story short.....one of my skinny, high heels got caught in the rug.  I almost ended up on my face!  Out went LUSH......lucky no emergencies!!!  No Rescue Squad!

Since then it has been everywhere.  I don't buy something and not find a place for it!!!  Can't!  MC would have a fit!  For the past 6 months  it has been under the Cocktail Table.  Color, texture---all acceptable.......size,  actually way too  small.  I kept trying to move the furniture,"in to the table"!  I wanted the rug to define our "Conversation Area". 

 I know there are many ways to use  Rugs/Area Rugs.  The most common is a room size rug.  That permits all the furniture to be on the rug, with a generous portion of the rug visible outside the furniture arrangement.  Another,  is to have an area rug placed so that  the front legs of the furniture rest on the rug.  This was the approach I wanted.  Another, the floating rug.  This is used when an area rug sits by itself, usually with a cocktail table on it,  in the middle of a seating arrangement.  Generally what dictates which way you go depends on the room, your furniture, and the use of the space.

In addition, you can layer rugs.  It is very, very desirable to have one rug over another one.  Thus,  if you have wall to wall carpeting, go ahead and use an Area Rug.  It will add to the interest of the room and define an arrangement!    We have wall to wall carpeting and we use Area Rugs!  It works just as well as wood flooring with room size rugs and area rugs as accents..

 When we returned from Kenneth's presentation,  I tried AGAIN to make my Flokati rug work!, No matter how I tried  I could not turn that 5 x 7  Flokati  rug into an 8 x 10.  Believe me, I TRIED. 

  But.... Wait a minute! We were "designing" a Dressing Room!!!!     MC was at a meeting.   I do great furniture moving when he's OUT.....I yanked that baby up.  In less than 5 minutes it was under the Red Bench!  It fits the space in our "Dressing Room" as if a Designer planned it!!!

Whew, the Flokati rug had a new home!  I was safe!

But.......that left the Great Room looking pretty BARE!

Fear not, my little head had those delicious images from 2009 still there!  I dug out the magazine issue and went from there........

 BTW this is a custom rug Margaret had designed for this room.  We both loved the design. This is a huge room!   The space has two large seating areas!  This rug is truly A ROOM SIZE RUG!

I estimated we needed an 8 x 10.  Although I loved Margaret's design,  I also thought the scale of  a  large design would work better.  A small design would be too much with  the busy design of the granite counter tops, the tiles on the back splash,  and all the other smaller geometric pieces in the Great Room.  MC's library is quite visible from the Great Room through  glass French Doors.  The drapery panels he made for his room are a similar print to the pattern Margaret used in her rug.....too much of a good thing!  Needed to rest the eye!

Remember my computer search for chandeliers?  This search was even more intense!     MC was in !  He gave me a teeny, weeny budget!  I think he thought it would be impossible to find, so why not go with it!!!  Keep me "happy and busy".  That's the same theory he used when I wanted to sell our first home here and build the BLH.  He never dreamed our other home would sell,  after living there for less than one year, with a small profit, in 28 days!  And this was 2010!  REAL ESTATE HELL!

I did find two rugs and  we were seriously considering one of them.  They were indoor/outdoor rugs.  The budget was keeping us in that category.  We were about ready to order one..... Then, as if the Angels were looking down, I received notice of a FANTASTIC sale   OHCO     HERE  was having on Monday, January 21st.  They had their area rugs for 75% off with an additional 10% OFF.... THEIR ALREADY WAREHOUSE PRICING!
(which BTW,  their warehouse pricing is half of what I found on line!)

It's black with light gray and white overlapping circles!


This is NOT an outdoor rug!!! 

And the reveal!

The lighting, equipment, etc. isn't the best, but I think you will get the idea!  Wouldn't it be great to have a "Pro" photographer at my disposal !

 It certainly adds Contemporary to the Mix!



All I will add is that this exact rug was on line ranging from  $850 to well over $1,000!!!



  1. rugs can be so expensive! good shopping!!!

  2. You don't need to buy an "Investment" rug! Look on line, fun chain stores as CB2, etc. When they have sales, you can do very well. We were simply lucky with this rug! Never would we be able to spend what the asking prices were!! We would have been OK with the Indoor/Outdoor 8 x 10 I found on Ballard Design for under $200!

  3. I love your house and all those images of the other designer's! I was not familiar with her but her work is beautiful!

  4. So many points to all this. First, high heals are dangerous. Second, you can always get the look for less. Third, your husband doesn't need to know what you have in mind.

  5. Love it Patty!! It really grounds the room and makes a nice statement! I love it when a plan comes together, especially within budget!! I would say you did GREAT!!
    Happy Monday,

  6. You've done it again, Patty - it all looks fabulous and UNDER budget - we need you in Beaufort!! Love getting a peek of those gorgeous cabinets you painted too!!

  7. I'm partial to an eclectic style anyway so this was right up my alley. As Kathysue stated it grounds the room. Even better is that you got a bargain on it.

    I have my grandparents oriental rug which is quite large, 20'6" by 11'. In our last house my husband would say how we built a house around a rug. I have to admit, this is true. When we found the new place my first reaction was that the rug would fit. It's ironic how sometimes things just work out for the best, even in design.

  8. I love it Patty!! It's so beautiful and I love such a contemporary rug mixed with more traditional things- it looks fantastic! How awesome that you were able to score such a nice one at such a big discount too!

  9. circles! nice! and i love how it's a larger scale pattern version of the inspiration! NEAT!

  10. Such a gorgeous, bold statement! I completely agree, buy what you love and it will work! Great job!

  11. Chic and cozy all at the same time!! Job well done Patty!!

  12. Don't you love a bargain that is on exactly what you hoped for?
    Nice job!

  13. I've found great rugs on Overstock.com that were insanely cheap. Love the house lady. And a very Happy Friday to you and MC.