Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Morning With Kenneth

Please note that the date is wrong in this promo ad.  The correct day was today, January 11th.

All my "old" friends and my ENTIRE  family know my respect for Interior Designer, Kenneth Brown.  I loved his work and talent from the moment I saw him on HGTV.

In 2007 MC , my Daughter, Patti, and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet him in High Point at Market.  He was a Guest Speaker.  

 Kenneth moved from LA to Baton Rouge a few years ago. Primarily so that he could raise his two children away from all the Hollywood madness, and be able to spend more time watching them grow. Kenneth teaches Design at LSU and continues to run his National Design Business, Kenneth Brown Design.

He was a Guest Speaker this morning at The Atlanta International Area Rug Market at the AmericasMart Atlanta.  MC and I were very honored to be attending.   KENNETH WAS GREAT!

 Did you know that Area Rugs can be the NEW THROW PILLOW?  Yes, you can have a neutral room, and Presto, add color, pattern and personality with area rugs.  Of course, he suggested and says he recommends low end rugs .....that way, as with throw pillows, when the trend or color is 'Out", you can change it without the GUILT!  Area rugs no longer have to be INVESTMENT PIECES!!!

He spoke of the advice from the experts as to the many placements and uses of area rugs. But,  added that it's really in the eye of the beholder what works!  This is  one reason why Kenneth is so successful.  He listens to his clients....doesn't dictate to them. Kenneth can "marinate" a problem or situation and come up with a plan that is adaptable, affordable and pleasant to ones' eye!

During his talk this morning, he asked for all our questions.  What impressed me the most was he was interested in what we, his audience, had to say! He wanted OUR opinions!!!  Amazing!

MC was able to capture some fun moments from the day!

This was so cute!  Kenneth is asking this girl which picture she liked the best!!!  They all had different hair styles ...He was joking how much his hair has changed over the years!!

So great having the chance to see and visit him again!
 and of course

ps...he's pretty cute..  What we used to call A DOLL!

We are now home and life is back to normal!!!

Still working with the remains of the Graphite paint!!!!  Have something coming up in a few days...stay on the lookout!