Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Not the typical week here at THE BUCKET LIST HOUSE!

  First I want to express all our thoughts and prayers to  our family and friends in the N.Y./N.J area..  Our hearts go out to you all.  We are praying things will be "normal" ASAP, whatever normal is in our world today?   I am blown away at the scenes of Staten Island!  The images are horrific!

We have two neighbors that we haven't heard from.  Mercedes and Richard who have a home in Patchhogue, Long Island and Reggie and Gladys who live in Northern,  N.J.  Hopefully they are OK and when they can, we hope to hear from you.

I have a Sister in Law that was marooned in Long Beach, New York during the storm with her daughter and family.  They are safe now, which was a relief to learn. 


Our week didn't begin with anything compared to Sandy!  The following is some "light" reading and could bring a giggle or two!

The week began with hearing  that several of our "new" homes have uninvited guests showing up.  A concerned homeowner sent out a message describing his concerns,  and what he did!.  We live in a DelWebb SunCity south of Atlanta, Georgia.  There will be 3200 homes "someday"!  The housing boom slowed things down a little, although we have the distinction of having more homes built and sold than any other in Georgia!   In our small section of 50 homes,which we call Dolcetto , MC was selected Captain!  Oh he loves this position. He takes his position seriously and takes on the responsibilities of keeping everyone informed as his first and most important task!

As Captain, MC was made aware of the uninvited guests in one of the other neighborhoods!  He immediately did research.  MC loves to RESEARCH.  He's very good at it! He learned very quickly that it's a matter of WHEN  not, "IF", these creatures will come!  The nature of living in the South.   Most of us have exterminating service,  along with an annual termite inspection.  It just so happened that our inspection was scheduled this week.  MC "researched" what this other homeowner did to evict his visitors!  MC was ready and had all the right questions to ask.  After the inspection, which showed we didn't have uninvited company, MC immediately signed the papers to have a system installed that will never allow any of these "pests" anywhere near our house!  Between Pulte's wood treatment to deter them, and now this new system, we are as protected as humanly possible!

The following day, the soldiers showed up!  They came in three trucks! We  have  never seen such a sight!
 The system is called Sentricon Termite Control System.
 We now have 28 in-ground units.  They are 10 feet apart surrounding our home! 
These units contain bait.  The termite takes the bait and goes back to his nest where the Queen eats it and ZAP.....GONE!
Then as an added feature, we were sprayed with a heavy hose with goodness knows what?

Our regular service keeps us free of those nasty ants, spiders,etc.  that show up and if a RODENT comes near our home....after I freak out, it's gone for good!

MC highly recommends this service to protect all our investments....


While doing all this, our Comcast Cable bill arrived in the mail.  It goes up a dollar or two every FEW MONTHS,  but this time......$60 A MONTH, to maintain what we have! 

For months, MC has been "playing" with research on Cable TV versus Satellite TV.  As a side note this choice also reflects on your Internet server.   He didn't have intentions of ever changing, was more or less researching to prove to himself that our "way" was the most economical and the best for service.

Well.....things changed on Monday, when the Comcast Cable bill arrived.  I need to explain we don't have the highest level,  by far.  We are not Sports viewers, or into HBO or the like.  We do enjoy HD, but it's not an absolute necessity.

Our service  was going up $60 A MONTH!!!  That did it!  MC is cheap, remember?
He started researching and found he could SAVE  $20  if we went down a "level".  He called and within 10 minutes our plan was downsized!

  But....MC failed to check all the stations that would be  left out!  We watch a Cable News channel all day...that's our daytime TV!  Not going to reveal which one....will loose readers!  And....for two hours most nights we turn on what we call "The Happy Ending" movie channel and watch light, romantic, predictable movies!  Occasionally I will watch HGTV.  Lately, I find their choice of shows uninteresting.

To our horror, two of our staples were gone!!!!

This became serious.....now MC started looking at the Satellite choices.  He decided to order one!!!. Which is being installed in a couple of hours!

He has not cancelled Comcast....yet!   He's waiting to make sure the Satellite works and more importantly what happens with our Internet Service.

We had to have AT&T come out and set us up.  Our internet is presently  "bundled" with our cable!  AT&T came out Friday and got us wired up!!  At first it didn't work, but yesterday we discovered we do have a dial tone. 
The "modem" won't arrive until Monday or Tuesday.

My question is what happens to our internet when the Comcast is disconnected by the Satellite service?  Maybe nothing, but I'm not sure?

I am going to post this now, before I find out I no longer can.

Again, we are thinking about all of you in my favorite places......Hope we hear soon that all is OK!



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  1. That just reminds me to check my cable bill! We also have Comcast bundled with TV, Internet, and land line [which we are thinking of getting rid of anyway]. I need to see what we are paying for the cable part!
    My sister has AT&T.....she is happy with it!
    Good luck and hope it all works out!