Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
MC and I hope your day was the BEST one ever!

We had a quiet day....although we did a lot!

Please allow me to go back .......since Day 1 in the BLH I have  dreamed of different cabinetry!  The options available from the builder were  generic!  And....you know MC and me....we are not GENERIC.   We might be Geriatric.....but not generic!!!  There is a big difference!

Pam,  author of Simple Details,   here  has been writing about a piece she has been refinishing, a buffet with a hutch.  She has gone  back and forth toying with doing it all white....or a glossy black.  She asked her readers for their input.   I think the poor girl was overwhelmed with INPUT!

Then, on Monday she posted her REVEAL!  She did it using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint
She chose French Linen as her color.  Oh, I fell in Love, IMMEDIATELY!!!  It is the perfect color!

I got to work, googling and researching!  I learned it was the ideal product for Cabinetry!!!!  IT'S IDEAL FOR EVERYTHING...ACTUALLY.   AND .....NO PREP..........AND BETTER YET............NO SANDING NECESSARY!  It can be applied IN PLACE!!!

Then I did further research and found it was sold  in a shop in Senoia!!!  Now how perfect is that?

On Tuesday MC and I were in Senoia before noon!  They were filming the last episode of The Walking Dead, which in itself, was extremely interesting!!!  The street was completely shut off and all the shop windows were covered with ply wood.  There were bombed out cars and war zone accents everywhere!  We were escorted to the shop by a TV "guy".  You couldn't walk around, you had to be escorted to the individual shops.  So much fun!  SADLY, NO PICTURES ALLOWED!   when we took out our camera, I thought we were going to become part of the Zombie's dinner!

  We talked with the shop owner who explained, even further, how great this product is!  It's really too good to be true.  I have read a number of my blogger friends talking about it, but I thought they were using a chalkboard paint!  Who knew?

We brought home  a lot of info.......and were back yesterday,  before NOON,  to purchase enough to do the Master Bath.  We felt we needed to "Practice"  
While we were out we thought, "What are we having for our dinner tomorrow?  It is Thanksgiving!"   Ended up buying a very small,  fresh turkey and headed home.

Early this morning, MC started to try this new stuff out.   It went on way too easy.  It looks way too great.....It's fantastic.  It's a total of  four steps!  Two coats of  paint....drying time 15 minutes.  Then you apply the  "wax" finish with a brush and wipe it off with a cloth.  Let it dry overnight, and apply a second coat of  wax!  That's it ....NO PREP.....NO SANDING!!!

As I took care of preparing the turkey, MC was refinishing our Master Bath.  It's now  6:00pm and he has finished the first 3 steps!  Tomorrow he will apply the second coat of wax.....and it will be finished!!!

As soon as the last detail is done ......I will show pictures of MC and the  Annie Sloan  Chalk Paint!

I have to brag and show my part of the day.  Now, for me this is strange!  I rarely cook!  But MC was doing the Bath for me and I wanted to do something for him.  He loves the old fashioned  Turkey Dinner my family fixed!  Luckily I remembered how to do it!  Only this was for two!   Not 22!

Not fancy, no planning involved, just opened the cabinets and pulled out what I thought would look OK.

I can't wait to show the REVEAL  of our Master Bath......We will be back to Senoia for two more cans of the paint......You know why......OF COURSE.....THE KITCHEN!!!


  1. Looking forward to the reveal!! Glad you didn't cook your turkey upside down like I did the first time I did Thanksgiving!!

  2. You guys continue to amaze me!!! Can't wait for the reveal....and your table setting and all the "fixins" looked wonderful:)

  3. You two are going to have your bathroom AND kitchen finished before my hutch!! Could I borrow MC, please? Thanks for the sweet shout-out!

  4. ooohhh i'm jealous about seeing the "set" for Walking Dead! We love that show!

  5. You two are so cute.
    I did a dresser and nightstand with A.S. chalk paint recently and there were visible brushstrokes. I hear brushing in only one direction and thinning it with water cures that. I want to do my kitchen too.

  6. Good work MC. Patti, your Thanksgiving feast looks yummy. Love the romantic table setting. I'm with Kerry--who difficult was it using A.S. chalk paint?

  7. No brush marks here. and we didn't water down the paint. I will say that when applying the wax you get a swirly look. You apply it in a "here and there" manner. I have found rubbing it off with elbow grease tones down that "look". Reading and studying the product info it states that this product is not going to produce an even look. It does give a shabby chic appearance but....if you use just the clean wax this tones that down!!! This product can give you many different looks.