Wednesday, November 7, 2012


No one knows how long we will be on this place we call, " Earth".....

 Last January MC and I decided   we would budget and  spend  what we could--enjoying things we enjoy......We don't travel, play golf or do a lot of shopping!  My wardrobe is not what it once was by any means!  Nordstrom and Chico's sure miss me!!!

MC is capable of creating 99% of my Epiphanies, but some he simply can't do.  So sometimes, YES,  we have to actually spend money!!!  I was told that no one cares to hear about buying furniture on  my blog. I thought....that's strange this is a blog about Interior Design and furniture is a large part of Interior Design!  No?  So having said that I will continue.....
Since last winter I have had a problem with trying to get comfortable sitting on our sofa to watch TV.   During the day, I'm fine!,   BUT... as soon as I snuggle up and get ready to watch a little TV,  an annoying pain sets in.  By the time I go to bed, it's very painful.  I wake up each morning, just fine,  and the day goes great....I faithfully do 45 minutes of daily exercise that the physical therapist prescribed,  plus THE PREVENTIVE CLEANING....  dusting, mopping, vacuuming! even the floors--- on hands and knees....NO PAIN....until I try and enjoy those 2 hours of TV at night!

I figured it must be the sofa,  and the manner in which I  sit to view the TV.  So I rearranged furniture...I'm really good at that!   I found that If I had the perfect, comfortable chair in the room, in just the right place, just maybe it would solve my problem.  I decided I needed a LOUNGE CHAIR!  Who knew?  MC has his Stressless chair, which I find terribly uncomfortable,  and we have two lovely slipper chairs....not ones to snuggle up in.

I have spent the last few  months sitting on different chairs in too many stores for me to even list.  I have also researched the internet for chairs, in  all styles and sources, you name it .....I have researched it! 

Last week MC and I had a few hours with absolutely nothing to do!!!!!  THIS IS DANGEROUS!!!  I said, " Honey,let's go to Senoia,  I have heard many great things about Hollberg, the local furniture store on Main Street!"
  We headed out and sure enough, found a great, comfortable chair.....we looked through all the fabrics and brought a swatch  home to "try" it out in the room!  It worked perfectly!  The next day we headed back to order the chair.

Now, what I haven't told you is that this place is unbelievable with their inventory, and in what they can custom order.  They can order you almost any brand that exists!

BUT THIS IS THE BEST PART !  I have been shopping sales, and all that goes with sales.  LOVE SALES...ONLY SHOP SALES!    I know the mark up on furniture is huge, like jewelry.   After looking....and sitting....  at all the big chains, and name companies, as Thomasville. Ethan Allen, Henredon, Lee Industries, Crate and Barrel, West Elm, etc.  I found that Hollberg could order a custom Sherrill chair and ottoman for LESS than any of them!  I have nothing against the rest, but Hollberg could beat their prices  on ALL pieces, even those  from Havertys!  (a favorite here for their fabulous pricing) AND... the delivery price was 1/2 of the Haverty delivery charge!  I tell you guys, try them out. YES... They have "prices" on their tags that will blow your mind....but that's not what YOU PAY!!  I was trying to explain this to some friends this weekend and I got looks like I was nuts!!!  No one believed me!

Back to the chair......

We found out that the frame had been discontinued!!!!! So there we were, so ecstatic and then back to square "0".   I looked around, sat some more and decided on another style ....and we placed our second order. After we were home,   I was researching  it for a post and  discovered  it was not at all what I wanted.  We literally"flew" back to Senoia.....and cancelled it!   .... and found......Order #3,..... THE MOST PERFECT CHAIR IN THE WORLD!!!!  It's funny how things work out!  The associates could not have been more helpful with all the changes, etc.  A lot of bookwork that they were so kind about!

I have to wait until mid January......but it will be worth it.

The fabric we chose is a heavily textured white with metallic threads.  Yummy!!!

HERE  is the chair

HERE is the ottoman.......we only ordered one!

It will be January before I know it....right?

OH...OH....While I have been writing this MC has  INSTALLED OUR NEW AT&T MODEM!!   It came this afternoon via UPS...  IT WORKS!!!!   HE'S NOW MASTER COMPUTER MODEM MAN!!!


  1. Patty, I love Sherrill and I love that style of chair and ottoman. It is lovely! January will be here before you know it for sure!!! You are a smart cookie to order what you want!

  2. What a fabulous chair and ottoman - can hardly wait to see them in their new home!!

  3. My dear that is the perfect throne and ottoman for you! The fabric sounds fabulous. It will be fun to anticipate its arrival. Glad you held out for exactly what you wanted. Congrats on your modem!

  4. So glad you got what you wanted. It's so well deserved. I know the look of the chair and ottoman will look beautiful in your home.

    WTG MC on the modem.

  5. How nice! I love hearing about furniture, shopping for furniture, talking about furniture, daydreaming about furniture....I just love furniture. Whoever told you that no one wants to hear about the furniture you buy was wrong. :)

  6. It's gorgeous and looks so comfy, I can picture you in it with your feet up! :)

  7. soft and lovely!! can't wait to see the REAL DEAL!

  8. I love the chair and ottoman you chose!! Definitely worth the time and multiple orders it took to find it!! And yes, January will be here before you know it and you'll be snuggled up in your pretty new chair and enjoying pain-free tv watching! Happy for you!!

  9. Patty, I love a good tip so thank you! I also can completely relate to how much work it is to find the perfect balance between style AND comfort! I love your choices for the chair and ottoman!

  10. I love the lines on that chair! I like how the arms are squared off. Can't wait to see it.