Monday, January 24, 2011



In this project, I am sharing how my ideas and decisions come to be! Rarely does a design fall into place, easily. It's a process of trials and errors! I am not a Professional Interior Designer, I have never claimed to be one.....I just love doing it...it's my passion, therapy ...it's just ME.

Instead of waiting for the "final reveal", I am sharing the "trials and errors" I go through to reach my vision. (and occasionally that vision changes many times) When a plan falls into place, you know it. It just "feels" right!

I generally run things "through" Erica, and we go over the different elements. This past week, Erica, has been moving into their FIRST home in Greensboro, North Carolina. Adam is now working with his Dad. Although Erica hated to leave her wonderful job in Asheville, she is looking forward to growing in different directions. She learned so much in retail, (buying, marketing, etc.) She will take all that experience with her in whatever her next adventure will be!!!

Yesterday, amid all the boxes, Erica took the time to give me some of her wonderful advice. It's always great when "new" eyes can see the design! We went over all the factors and concerns I was having. She looked at the pictures I posted and said: "Grandma, I think what is "off" is the weight of the fixture in the Dining Room. Try that fixture in the kitchen." Her reasoning ....the fixture is "light" .... doesn't appear large or "heavy" enough for the size of the dining room and the "bulk" of the table wood. From the picture on the web site, the "cool" glass shade fixture I am considering for the kitchen appears to be oblong and would look spectacular over the dining table. I called the chat line on Lamps Plus and found it's 19" in diameter. So....I am not quite sure it will be large enough for the space??? I do love it, and I know the elements in it are perfect, but.......

Erica opened up an entire new vision for me. I agree the dining fixture will look better in the kitchen and MC and I will try it there today. Meanwhile, I am looking at more fixtures that are larger than 19" in diameter for the dining room. Yes, I am back on all the lighting fixture sites......I still am considering the one I found last week....the material, color and texture are perfect.....just not sure of it's size.

I found one last night that caught my attention. It's actually designed to be used over an island. But.....our table is the shape of an island, 80" x 30"! Maybe this would work????????????????

........it's not always easy!!!! There are no rules any more in design, but it has to be right to the "EYE"

Thanks Erica for taking the time last night ...... I appreciate your knowledge and vision!


  1. I'd love to see that light fixture in person to see what it's made of. It's very unique and definitely eye-catching. Very nice!!

  2. Wow - that's different! It looks so "skinny". Wonder if it puts out much light? But - you may not need a lot of light to eat. Keep us posted on your findings...

  3. It is "skinny".....only 7 1/2 inches wide, 23 inches long. Erica had some points to consider. The view from the great room would be very thin, too thin. If the 19" is large enough for the space .....it will be the best choice. Same view from any viewpoint and the same shape as foyer and great room fixtures...(all Erica's points)
    Rules: The rule for a chandelier size is to add the width and length of the room and that number should be the diameter of the chandelier. If I stuck to the rules.....it would be too small.....But rules are not always the best reason to make choices.....will see what tomorrow brings.........more looking before a decision is made...

  4. maybe you bend the rules to the measurements of the "visual space" ... like from the edges of the furniture IN. So from the front legs of the extra chairs, to the candlestick to the edge of the carpet to the front legs of the table. How does that space measure up?

    PS... loving our new house....... sooooo many things things to do it's hard to prioritize!

  5. GENIUS....GENIUS....

    How clever and how smart!!!!
    Thanks DG