Thursday, January 6, 2011



Every now and then the anticipated is not attainable. It's what one does with these "Happenings" that either makes life great or depressing..

This week, two pieces to our Great Room that I was looking forward to, became unattainable.

First: The black flokati rug is no longer available.

The other piece of the puzzle was a large chandelier I ordered. I thought it would compliment the flokati rug. I received an email on Monday that it too was no longer available..

Funny how things turn out. If the chandelier was available it wouldn't have looked as spectacular as I had hoped...without the flokati rug, it would have looked lost.

So... back to square one!! Surprisingly, I am a little relieved. I was unsure of the quality of the rug. It was such a good price that I was beginning to doubt it's quality!!! Now, that worry is gone!

The chandelier, well that's a little different. I really was looking forward to it. But....now I can start my search anew.

In the last couple of days, I have looked at the space in a new light. I received the latest Ballard catalog and ....you guessed it.... an EPIPHANY .....there in a room setting was a look that I loved...and it was all built around a chandelier. Two weeks ago, this chandelier would never have caught my eye! The room in the catalog is so similar to what we have, and there in the center of it all is this steel chandelier with 12 lights, YES 12! All in a circle. Just wait till you see it! A complete different look, but I think it will work with all the pieces now in the room. The steel will be the common thread......the texture will be perfect!

But Wait....there is a small bonus. MC's library needs a ceiling light. He has two table lamps, but lacks good lighting at his desk. His desk is in the center of the room, which is great, but not great for table lamps! I had Epiphany #2 after deciding on the 12 light chandelier for the Great Room. We have a 3 light small chandelier over the kitchen table that really would look great, hung at the ceiling, in MC's library. It would give him all the needed light he needs.

You must be following me by now......yes.....now I get a third chance on getting the chandelier over the kitchen table correct!!! I will wait until the 12 light chandelier is up and then look for a complimentary one for the kitchen. That's so much more fun than buying a "typical" ceiling light for MC. This gives him a great, unique light, and gives me the opportunity to find the right one for the kitchen.

But a harder adjustment ....and one I can't fix....

As I write this Post, Steve, Angela, Isabelle and Sophia are flying back to Seoul. We are going to miss them very, very much. It was wonderful having the precious time we did, but it was by far not long enough. I envy all of you who have family close by.....
I can only hope it's not too long before we can see them all again................


  1. You are getting all kinds of second, third, one hundreth chances in this new amazing home!!!

    can't wait to see the newest results!!!

  2. Very Funny Claire....
    You didn't know I have Chandelier Fever...it's a very rare, but serious illness ....

  3. hahahaha! Every day is a new adventure for you... be it happy, complicated, frustrating, disappointing, mysterious, exciting, thrilling, scary...... each and every day!!! What a great life! :) And MC is there to witness it all... HA!