Saturday, January 22, 2011




FINALLY......after a 10 day delay, the latest....and by far, the most fabulous chandelier ever.....arrived!!!

We absolutely LOVE, LOVE it!!



Each chandelier, in it's own right, is magnificent. My problem is "marrying" them.

Every night this week, I have sat at this new, fast and efficient, laptop and I have viewed over 10,000 different chandeliers. If there is a chandelier in this world, I have "seen" it. I am looking for the fourth one, the one over the breakfast table. I want it to work in the space, not detract from the others. I have gone back and forth with what to do. Do I find one that is similar to the dining room or the foyer, or do I look for one that compliments the new GRAND chandelier???

The foyer chandelier has a black cord shade. "Inside" are six chrome arms with crystals. It is approximately 18" in diameter. The dining room chandelier is an oblong chrome . It has six arms with clear glass globes. I have small black shades on the lights. The new GRAND chandelier is entirely different!!!.


So .......which direction do I go in the kitchen area???

One night I just looked at iron styles that resembled lanterns. The next night I looked at silver and chrome. the next, shade pendant styles...and so forth. Every morning I would go through what I had bookmarked the night before and delete them all.................I thought I would go out of my mind!

MC was a big help. He was very definite on his "nos" and said so. His least favorite style was the lantern. I had originally thought that was the way I would go. He wasn't that helpful on the others. He just knew what he didn't like.

By Friday, I decided to "alter" the existing ones. I removed all the crystals from inside the foyer light, except for the one long ball that hung down the middle. I removed the shades from the dining fixture. Now I had cleaned up the situation, but I still didn't have my answer. How was I going to coordinate four fixtures into one great space?

This morning I hung back the small black shades on the dining room fixture and made a DECISION...................

I would have the GRAND new fixture the only fixture with "bare" bulbs. The black cord shade was cleaned up without all the crystals inside and the dining fixture had it's little black hats back. I found some unique black shade style fixtures that will work in the kitchen space. They are about 20" in diameter, but only 4" high. They don't take a lot of volume space. The one I like the best has a metal shade with crystals in bedded. Just gives off a sparkle. Nothing dangling or dripping.


Not to confuse the whole thing, but......while I was browsing through chandelier web sites,
I figured this was a good day for MC to work on the window treatments. Way too cold for him to work on the built-ins....

We had decided that MC would not make the cornices. The fabric I bought last summer will find a home, maybe new seat cushions for the dining chairs. Not sure-- that will come in time.

MC spent the day rehanging the white panels in the dining room and great room. MC cut the 4 foot wood white poles that were in the dining room into four, 2 foot poles. He hung a panel on either side of the great room windows on the 2 foot poles. Looks great. Will do the same in the kitchen with the remaining poles. We took the rods that were in the office down to get the necessary finials and brackets for the new design. The panels in the dining room are now hanging directly under the crown molding. Did this in our other house and it worked great. The office and bedrooms will just have the panels hang from regular curtain rods on either side of the windows. Down the road we will come up with something else.....maybe......

I must admit there is hardly a dull moment around our Bucket List House......and that's the way we love it !!!!!


  1. Love the new addition to your living room area!! Got a bit confused on all the happenings with the different chandeliers but understand how difficult it must be to make sure your four chandeliers tie in together. But if anyone can do it, it would be you!! Looks great.

  2. Would love to have Kenneth's help. Can you imagine if I could commission him to do the job!!! Wow... one can dream.....

  3. First of all, you've got a polygamy problem here! hahaha!

    Second, you might kill me, but I think the new on pictured should go over the dining table, and that one over the kitchen.......... the scale seems better to me that way and then you have the cylindrical shade idea on one side, and separate lights on the other side... Just my first gut thought! BUT I'm sure you will figure it out!

  4. Erica, After reading your comment, I called Lamps Plus' "live chat" and spoke with Patti. I asked if the light fixture was round or oblong. It's 19" ROUND. Being the dining table is 80" x 30" and the kitchen table is 60" Round, do you still advise considering the yet to be ordered one for the dining room? Won't be ordering one until next month. Have plenty of time to consider this one or another one......Thanks for your ideas. The "shade" of the one we are considering is made of glass with a black metal frame and post.