Wednesday, February 24, 2010



I really didn't expect to put up a new post this week........but.........I had an EPIPHANY !!! Who knew!

We have had the two egg shell panels of birds for years. They are hand made, entirely from egg shells, from Asia. I love them, especially because "Bill" found them for us. He always told me to place them next to each other, on the floor, (not hung) to portray a Gallery Look. There isn't wall space to display them that way in this home, so I have had them on each end of the large wall in the Great Room (book end style).

We were reminiscing with friends about Bill over the weekend. As he has done over the years since he passed away, he did his thing and POW....I got the idea. Bill is our personal "Ghost" and he inspires me in fantastic ways. I believe he is my source for most of my Epiphanies!! Thank you, Bill, so glad you are back!!!!

The Epiphany: Attach them together with hinges and Presto a Screen!!!

After THREE trips to Lowes, Master Carpenter, got the correct hinges that would do the job. Actually Master Carpenter will gladly go to Lowes ...so the three trips were not a chore!!!!

We love the result. Now my two panels are together again. Thank you Bill............

Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Who knew while searching for something to fill the empty Master Bedroom, I would literally fall upon the most "Perfect" host chairs for the Dining Room!!! Just the fact they are completely the opposite of all the existing furniture makes them so correct. The red seats carry the entire theme off and the contrasting styles adds so much interest to the space!!! The ideal solution in making such a small room full of Importance!!!

I must thank Kenneth for his wonderful suggestion of the hurricane lamps and books as the accessories to adorn the table. Actually, I only have one hurricane lamp at present (candle sticks are now stand-ins)......two more are in Patti's attic. They are from Erica's wedding. She had one at every table, each filled with a different candy. Guests were given small decorative "bags" and traveled from table to table filling them with their favorites. Side note...... The M & M table was the most popular, by far!

The Dining Room has come together so well and much quicker than I ever dreamed.

I have come to the realization that my "Home" is my laboratory....my private Design Workshop!

.....and ......the Master Bedroom is still empty!

Monday, February 8, 2010



It all began last week when I got the brainy idea I needed a console or serving piece to use during a dinner in the Dining Room. It would have to be placed in the Great Room. There isn't room in the new space for any additional furniture. Naturally, as anyone would dream up, a tea cart instantly came to mind. It would be a perfect piece to put behind the wing back chair .....very functional and it would add a little whimsy.

I envisioned a gorgeous cart with mirrored shelves, large shinny rear wheels, and a handle to die for. Simple Elegance! To my horror this piece doesn't exist in my non-existing budget! I spent the week looking at all my regular sources and some not so regular ones!

Enter Plan B

Look for a console table that would fit in that space. In order to visualize what amount of space I was thinking of, I went around the house looking for a Stand-In that would give me a sense of how it would look. The search was short and sweet......my Mitchell Gold/Bob Williams mirrored Dressing Table and Sexy Sadie Chair would be perfect. (Purchased at their outlet store in Hickory, N.C.) It took no time at all and they were in place. To my amazement ......they looked so good, I decided why look any further...... Oh, boy, I just saved a fortune on my budget!!!!

I now have a lovely "Lady's Desk" and chair in the great room... and... when we use the dining room, a beautiful console table and extra seating!


I mentioned three Epiphanies. On to number two!

While placing the Lady's desk into it's perfect spot I finally figured a way to eliminate the narrow walking space through the room. I wasn't happy having to walk between the back of the chairs and the fireplace. The fireplace was never a "part" of the sitting area. To my surprise, by placing the chairs up to the fireplace, the entire room was opened up. Now, you enter the ROOM and just proceed! All it took was a little push and pull and it was done! Subtle, but what a change it has made! The "hall" is gone!


Completely different subject. Loved my mirror over mirror hanging by the silver chain....but I wasn't that happy with the hooks holding the chain.

I knew what I needed, but had no idea where to find it. Master Carpenter found it!!!!!!

He comes into the house from the garage holding this perfect, shinny, knobby "thing" saying "Will this Work?" It was one of the brackets from a towel bar we had removed from the guest bath months ago! In less than an hour .......it was attached to the wall with the mirror and shinny chain hanging from it!!!!!

ps....if you don't happen to have spare towel bars in your garage another solution is Inactive Door Knobs (also called "dummy knobs") sold in hardware stores. Either is perfect for hanging pictures, mirrors.....just use your imagination!

...now........ that EMPTY space in the Master Bedroom..........

Tuesday, February 2, 2010



I can't imagine anyone that knows me, or that has been following this blog, would think this space would remain blank for very long.........

Well, you are right!

A very DIFFERENT "ERiCA" creation is on it's way........

Master Carpenter and I are visiting Erica and Adam on February 25th and will bring the new art back home with us.

Again...............Erica has planned something very different than her previous works. This will be such a new approach and I can't wait to see it hanging and be able to share it with the world!!!

Look for the Reveal around February 26th..............

.....by the way.......Erica is available to Commission.....you can have your own Original ERiCA !!!