Tuesday, April 6, 2010



What is she writing about now???

What I am writing about is an idea from Erica. She asked me over the weekend to let everyone "out there" know the REAL ME !!! She was referring to the "cleaning freak"!!! But, in the same breath said that everyone would love to know my cleaning secrets....What wonderful magic solutions do I use? What methods? So on and so on...

I have to say now that.. I don't consider myself a cleaning freak! You that know me, don't laugh! I consider myself SMART!! I call my house keeping style PREVENTIVE CLEANING !!!

Just think about it.....I use a system that allows me the freedom of never having to really have to clean in the sense of CLEAN ... Why??...because it is ALWAYS clean! It never gets DIRTY... Now, do you Get It????

The system or routine is very easy. I lightly, and I repeat, lightly wipe down counters, tables ..just about all the surfaces daily. This includes the windows as I pull up the "wiped" shades. It takes no more time to pull up a shade wiping it as it would without. I always hated the blind and window job and now I don't have it. It also includes a little "wipe" in the refrigerator as I prepare breakfast. Again no more time to do it as you are removing food ....Tonight I was asked about the appliances. And yes, I do them also. The biggest job is the range top after Master Carpenter (Master Chief also) has cooked a meal. But again, I use the vinegar solution and it removes all the cooking grease and mess. Doing it daily keeps it from building up.... and...the best invention in years has been the self cleaning oven. Use It!!!

The only secret I have is what I DON'T use. PAPER TOWELS !!

I buy washcloths from a discount store in a package of 24 for $9.99. They last forever. I never buy or use paper towels. I save a fortune and for those "green" followers....look at all the paper I don't throw away.

I lightly dampen the wash cloth with a solution of white vinegar and water (one third vinegar to two thirds of water) I keep it in a spray bottle and just spray and wipe! Actually I just have to spray once or twice and the cloth is damp enough to go over most of the house, except for the baths. This solution works on everything......counters to windows to mirrors to tile floors!! It's fabulous. I do have a cleaning product for the wood floors that I use with a clothed mop.

I was having a problem with the stainless steel appliances. Janet, a loyal reader and our Sales Associate, shared with me a great idea. Wipe them with olive oil!!! It works!!! I bought some in a spray can and found I could spray a dab on a cloth. I wipe it over the appliance and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. I only have to do this every once in a while. The vinegar solution works on a regular basis.

I do vacuum and go over the wood floors daily, but it takes 15 minutes at the most. If I miss a spot you can bet I'll hit it the next day!

So there you have it.

Patty's Preventive Cleaning.

The benefits are great! The house is always clean. If I can't do it one day for some reason, it doesn't really matter...it's not going to get that dirty in two days!!!!! No big long dreaded days of scrubbing, etc.

Another benefit is the physical exercise it gives me. Think about it. I am up and down a step stool many, many times, on the floor wiping the tiles and pushing the mop and vacuum around.

The best benefit is the cost............supplies are cheap and the labor is free!!!

There is a product I do use for the shower tiles and glass. This product also removes most spots off painted walls. It's Arm & Hammer's Scrub Free with OXY.

After I have all these little chores done I am ready to meet the day!!!!!
(over all I would say the time involved is less then one and a half hours)

Erica, I have opened my secrets to the world and now everyone knows how crazy everyone will think I am.......but I have a clean house!!!





  1. Your home is always spotless and beautiful!! Can you come to my home as well :)

  2. These are amazing tips. As you know, I have puppies so my house always feels a little dirtier than it probably is.

    Do you sweep before you use that mop on the wood floors? And what do you use to clean your wood floors? How often do you sweep and/or mop?

    I'm going to buy a big jug of vinegar and start doing that. Very, very smart lady.

  3. OH! We have boring old white sinks not made of anything special. Do you have any tips for keeping them clean?

  4. Dear Claire,

    First I vacuum all the flooring.... carpeting and wood. Then I use that Bruce wood floor cleaner, in the photo, with the cloth mop, over the wood floors. All takes just a few minutes and YES, I do it every day.

    Your sink question.... I first would try that Arm & Hammer cleaner I mentioned. If that doesn't work, you could try soaking it in bleach or scrubbing with a an favorite Comet!

    I have a new product that was recommended for removing stains from carpeting. I haven't tried it yet and will let everyone know if it works. We are having a little party this Sunday and if red wine spills I have the cleaner ready to go...It's put out by the vacuum company Oreck and is called No Return Spot Remover for Localized Stains. It was highly recommended!!!!!

  5. WONDERFUL!!!!! Preventative is right! I bet you never have to scrub baseboards like I do sometimes... and they just NEVER get cleaned! Again, built up apartment living. I promise, IF we ever have a brand new house, I will work on PREVENTATIVE cleaning too!

    I am trying to get my boss to switch to the vinegar solution. We have to clean at work weekly and most of the surfaces are glass or mirrors... The Windex is almost gone and I KNOW this will be better!

    Where do you get the cheap wash cloths?

  6. I get the wash cloths at Cosco, BJ's or Sams Club. You have to look for them, they are hard to find.

    You are right...starting out with a new home makes it a lot easier. I never have had to scrub baseboards!!! I will admit that once a week I do go over the baseboards and crown moldings and light fixtures with one of those dusters on a pole!!! Again it takes 10 minutes (or less) to do the entire house and never, ever do I need to scrub!!!! The other weekly chore is vacuuming the upholstery. Again it takes no time at all. I am always flipping the cushions on the sofa and chair to keep the wear even and the look full! The other chore that we all have is laundry. I do that as needed....

  7. Whew! I'm tired just reading this!!! I have learned many of my wise mother's ways....not as "preventive" but I know how...

  8. hahahaha! Laundry "as needed".......... you've been known to run a tiny load just to keep the area/hamper empty! :) Love it!

  9. hmmmm...I have written about 6 comments and erased each one. Best for me to remain quiet on this topic.