Friday, April 16, 2010


The Deadline Has Passed....

All entries are in! ...

Now we wait to see who the lucky winner of $25 will be. ......Not a fortune, by any means, but it will buy a nice lunch at your favorite casual dining place!!!! Naturally, my choice would be Panera Bread!! I remember when I would join my friends once a week at the Panera's in Virginia Beach. We would sit for hours and just talk. Those were very special days!

I have been up to my usual mischief since you last heard from me. I want to share some new "stuff" that has appeared here at the "Epiphany House". Those who have visited recently have seen the additions, but the rest will discover changes have occurred!!! Will save some for later posts. Can't reveal all at once.......and some are still in the making........

To begin......I decided to put the chandelier that was in the great room over the dining table in the kitchen. Of course that led to....What to do with the one that was there? Easy Fix......install it in the guest room. The kitchen isn't quite ready to be photographed......need to work on the shades for the chandelier..... That will come later. Erica has some ideas and we will work on them when she visits next month.

Any change, even one, leads to... a Domino Game! Everything changing places and functions!!!

With the great room chandelier "out", so many possibilities to reposition the furniture became apparent. I no longer needed to have the red ottoman "centered" under the chandelier in the middle of the room. That one change, created many more!!!

I decided to take the sofa table out and use it in the guest room as a desk/table. So functional..... and with Sexy Sadie as a chair, the room not only affords a nice desk for guests, but a place to sit!!!! Our guest room is becoming a fairly nice place. A huge improvement over the blow-up bed our guests endured in Norfolk and Charlotte!!!!

Are you getting the idea.....everything moving and changing............It's so rewarding! One discovers how different a room can look by making just a slight change. A room's function can become something entirely different. If you don't try.... you will never know how great something old can look new and fresh again!

The great room has been opened up ... seems more spacious and less cluttered. The two slipper chairs are a "pair" by the fireplace creating an intimate seating area. The sofa and two wing chairs... although just across from the slipper chairs, actually are a separate seating area. A great plus all around. The lady's desk has been relocated. It actually is being used in an entirely new way! Have to wait on that.......

............. While browsing my favorite websites... one of the BEST finds I have ever had appeared! There was this fabulous CHANDELIER. Another chandelier ......I can't quit acquiring them!!!! It didn't take long to figure out a place for it...... it was IN that "shopping cart" in a flash!!!! There was nothing special about the foyer. Now there is...and it says "WOW" as you entire the house!!

PS....If you look closely you will notice a big change in the great room I haven't mentioned. That will be featured in the next post...........

Scroll down to the previous post for all the entries to the contest. Good luck to all !
Let the contest BEGIN....................


  1. Everything looks great. I did pick up the change in the great room but don't want to spoil the surprise of the reveal... let me just say that Lewis Carroll would be in Wonderland with the change.

  2. The foyer looks so pretty now. It looks even better "in person". The guest room is very comfortable. So much nicer than the blow up bed!!!

  3. I love the new chandilier in the foyer.

  4. LOVE the new chandelier!! It's a new look/design for me and it's so much cooler than your typical crystal design... been there, done that!

    And there's been several changes in the great room... can't wait for the big explanation/reveal!

  5. Lovin the chandelier! Really gorgeous!!!