Tuesday, April 20, 2010

THE BIG OOOPS.........

.....AND HOW I FIXED IT...............

Boy, did I goof when I designed the mirror tiles behind the sofa! I should have had them go at least two rows higher. instead of a row lower than the top of the sofa. I never realized this, until I removed the sofa table. With the table out...they appeared to be falling to the floor. It was driving me nuts.....

I thought the fix would be easy..... Just remove the framing and add more rows to the top. Not so ...Master Carpenter couldn't remove the frames. They weren't going anywhere! When he glues...he glues.
Nix Plan A !

EPIPHANY.....Plan B!!!

Such a simple idea....why it took two days to figure out is beyond me?
Put up a row of tiles, leaving a space between the main piece, creating a transom !! and.....frame them the same as the large tiles....

Worked, in fact they were "beginning" to look pretty good. Did you notice the "beginning to look good"? There was too much BLACK. I was beginning to OVERDESIGN in black!!! OK, now what??

Another day another Epiphany. Change the color of the frame! Duh!

With that, I applied gold metallic paint over the black on both frames. ( I have silver and metallic paints in the garage ready for such instant fixes.)

It was getting there.........still not there.......something wasn't quite right. Now it need a Little" black! Needed to bring a hint of black into the frame to carry the color to the wall.

I called in Assistant Designer, Erica, and she said: "No problem, just add some black cording to the inside of the frame. Grandma it's easy, just buy a glue gun.......(A GLUE GUN...I NEVER USED THAT...HOW DOES IT WORK?) ....and glue it on.

Now, I'm really out of my comfort zone. I love to design, but I am not "crafty" and I will be the first to say so. I found myself on the floor of Hobby Lobby, on my cell phone, describing the choices I found in glue guns and which one I needed. I must have been a sight for sore eyes to the crafty shoppers walking up and down the aisle!

With all my supplies, glue gun and a great buy of black cording I was happily driving home to do my new project. I could do this, it would be easy!

Well...........Master Carpenter and I almost ended our 50 years and 10 months of happy bliss!! This was a PROJECT of enormous skill! I only wish we had a picture of what took place. The two of us, a six foot ladder, four chairs (so one could hop from one spot to another quickly because the glue dries FAST), the glue gun, an extension cord to keep the glue gun plugged in because it has to stay hot constantly, and the 13 yards of black cording!!!!! Can you picture this? Master Carpenter worked the gun and I pressed the cording into place. We now are doing quite a dance from one chair to another with four arms and four hands getting into each other's space. It went FAST......and it looks pretty good if I say so myself!!!

I am still not a CRAFTY person and don't think it's my "thing", but one way or another I was not going to let a little mistake in design ruin the look I was after. I do not give up!!!

.......and the REVEAL......

There are more surprises coming.......watch your mail...


  1. What an interesting visual you painted! Too bad there isn't a video of it. The results were worth all that effort! Carol

  2. Oh - a video would have been great! Can you re-do this whole thing? Looks great and you sound like you even got a new dance step out of it!!

  3. You two are funny....A video! and a re-do! I'll think about getting some music and put the steps to it!

  4. If there is to be a "re-do" it will be a solo "re-do" because I couldn't go through that again!!!

  5. Good work. Have you guys considered a reality show? If not about design, what about an appearance on
    Marriage Ref?!?!

  6. Uncle Happy that would be hilarious! The mirrors look great!

  7. I'll keep checking Netflix for the video.