Sunday, September 28, 2008


It started six weeks ago when I had the initial "epiphany". There are two main epiphanies I'm going to talk about. First was painting the cabinets in our master bath black. Emil did his research and found he could handle the project. The first requirement!

The cabinets are wood and were finished in a light color, and looked ordinary. Not bad,--but not great. I thought the look of the bath would be totally improved if they were black.

To improve the overall look of the vanity area I also wanted to dress up the "Builder Look". We had a mirror (in the warehouse) that we hung "over" the builder's mirror. The mirror is your typical mirror that is installed over the vanity and goes from the top of the vanity to the ceiling. The result upped the drama to another level. We have done this effect before.

We use fishing line to hang the "second" mirror.

I love the idea of a MIRROR OVER A MIRROR. I've done it over and over in different homes in different situations. All you need are two mirrors. How simple! A large and a smaller one. In order for it to work, the smaller mirror should be framed. Depending on the location and size of the larger mirror, it could also have a frame.

When the project was finished both of us were blown away with the dramatic results.

Now you don't think the story stops here do you? You should know me by now…...
My mind was running so fast I couldn't stand it! You guessed it-----------------


  1. First, the bathroom is amazing. I LOVE the double-mirror idea.

    I have an problem I hope you will have a solution for:

    What do people do when they have nice, decorative trash cans in their bathroom, want to use a bag, but don't want to use a plastic grocery bag because it ruins the decorative part of the trash can?

    Did that make any sense? I'm hoping you can help because it's an issue that's been making me crazy for years.


  2. Mirror-mirror- on the wall...who has the greatest ideas of all???!!! It really looks great- kitchen and bathroom. I've seen it!!!! They make a great team...do I hear a show on Home and Garden?????

  3. Dear Claire,
    I have had that problem before. The way I have approached it might and might not work for you. I have two trash cans. One for the dirty garbage that I place in the cabinet under the sink. I have another one out for guests to put their garbage in. To make it obvious for it's use I put a "soiled" guest towel in the show trash can. (That way guests know they can use it). For my guest towels I use rolled wash cloths that can be washed over and over. Much cheaper than the ones sold in stationery shops. I have them on the sink nicely placed so guests can easily see they to be used and then tossed in the decorative can.
    Hope this helps and glad you like the mirror idea. It's one of my favorites and I go out of my way each time we move to find out where I can use it in our new place.
    Aunt Patty

  4. mirror over the mirror.. you are the first person i've seen ever to do this and i love it. really, you almost trick me and i have to do a double take to even remember, was the big mirror still there?? the big mirror creates the illusion of a bigger space and you almost don't even notice it's there b/c the small mirror is on trop tricking your eye into only "seeing" it! verrryyyyyy sneaky! :)

  5. OMG! The black cabinets look great -- very elegant. I also love your sink and faucet in your bathroom. I'd love to have something like that in my bathroom.

    I'd love to try the mirror on mirror look as well but our light fixture is centered over the larger mirror and the sink is more to one side meaning I'd have to hang the second mirror off center of the light fixture and I'm not sure that would look good.

    Thanks for sharing those pictures. It gives us all ideas for our homes -- and I would have never considered black for cabinets but would now.

  6. Dear Linda,
    In our last home we had the light fixture situation you have. We hung the fishing wire (that holds the second mirror) on the light fixture. We were able to wrap it around where it connects to the light source. Since your sink is off center is there enough space on the side to hang a small mirror over the space that does not have the sink? Hang it from the top of the other mirror on a hook that matches the wall color or from the ceiling. Which ever is stronger. Try both ways and maybe one will work.