Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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  1. Dear Patty,
    My parents will be visiting my new bride and me very soon. You should know that my mother is also a serious and talented decorator like yourself. My new bride wants to make a good impression on her as this is the first time my parents will visit us in our home. We have followed your blog advice explicitly- bookshelves have been turned sideways, mirrored tiles have been plastered upon every wall (and also some ceilings), extra non essentials put away, and of course, there is a splash of red in every room...but, we are still nervous showing our home for the first time. Can you offer any advice?
    Thank you very much!
    Krazy in Korea

  2. Dear Krazy in Korea,

    I am sure your mother is loving, understanding and a very talented designer. She will be so pleased you have followed my advice. I wouldn't be nervous and please reassure your bride that your mother will work with you to only enhance the ideas you have already applied from my blog.

    I am also pleased to see that your mother has raised you properly, in that you have the ability to recognize wonderful design ideas when you see them.

    My advice now is for you and your bride to relax, and enjoy the visit.


  3. Dear Krazy in Korea,

    Isn't it fun to have a serious and talented decorator mother. I, too,have one and it puts such a different perspective on life. You know as "child of a decorator" what is "right" and what isn't and life takes on a whole new meaning. You go to someone else's home and think..."that picture is hung too high" or what where they thinking? - Mom would DIE if she saw this. I sometimes take my decorating mother for granted because I grew up with this "gift" and don't always remember that everyone doesn't have it. I can always count on great advice from DM (Decorating Mom). Enjoy your visit with her - I KNOW SHE WILL FOR SURE!! We have been given the "decorating" gene but just don't know it- I'm sure your home is lovely....Signed - another Child of a Decorator

  4. Dear Patti and Krazy in Korea,

    You are both very fortunate, indeed. I guess what you have can be called "Designer Genes".