Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We're Still Here......

It has been a few weeks since I wrote a Post.  Really no reason except MC and I move at a slower pace these days!

The last few weeks we have enjoyed great visits with family and friends,  and expect my Brother and Sister in Law next week.  We don't have the great "Epiphany Suite" here, but we do have the EZ bed and it has received pretty good "reviews"!!!

Also consuming a lot of our time!!!!   We have been Trying to brush up on our Bridge skills last used in the 60's!  Now let me tell you, the game is not at all what we remember.  It now has a language all of it's own !!!  Hopefully I will figure it out--- soon.  Foreign Languages were not my forte in school, and this is really challenging me!

But....we did venture out to IKEA last week.   We figured out how to use our large TV in the TV/Guest room, but needed a cabinet for it to sit on.   Where else to find one..IKEA of course.  We got the perfect piece.  This has been MC's first IKEA challenge.  We bought two doors for it and MC could not for his life get them to "fit" correctly.    So...we used just the one and I balanced out the other side with the shelves full of all my magazines and catalogs.

This past week I have actually been able to SEE  Downton Abbey !

Then I had an EPIPHANY!!!   Haven't had one in ages.....   Since we were in the TV mode,  I thought why not put the smaller TV we had on the kitchen counter inside the cabinet over the refrigerator!!!!!  The cabinet was empty.  We have a huge pantry that houses so much  This affords us lots of empty kitchen cabinet shelves!!!  Jealous!!!!

Proposed my idea to MC,  and he went for it!   He painted the inside of the cabinet black,(my idea) and  repositioned the cable and electrical stuff!  TA DA it was done.  It's fabulous...we can see it from the table and our stools perfectly!!!


I made one other change.  I asked MC to hand the mirror over the fireplaceIt was resting on the mantle and made me nervous!  After it was up I thought now I can add some goodies on the mantle to give it more pizazz!

Our weather has been cold, but no where near the devastating conditions so  many of you are experiencing.  MC and I hope everyone is OK and this snow and cold turns to Spring SOON.

The worst we experienced was a small ice storm the other night.  MC took a  picture of the huge pine trees that are behind our house.  This is the worst we have had and consider ourselves very lucky!!

Talk soon,


  1. The TV over the fridge is BRILLIANT! What is that dumb space really for anyway!? If you put something up there you NEVER use it! LOVE this! And how are you liking Downton? I went to Biltmore House 2 weekends ago and saw the costumes from the show in the house... I definitely recommend, very well done!

  2. Ditto Erica ... BRILLIANT! Patty, I think you might have started a tv over the fridge trend!! I am eyeing mine right now ... ! Things are looking good!!

  3. You are just too clever, Patty!!!! That looks AMAZING! Why didn't I think of it? And I never use the cabinet above my fridge....too high to reach. Stay warm. L

  4. I love the way the tv looks over the fridge and painting the inside black was brilliant!! Your new cabinet looks amazing - with perfect styling, who needs another cabinet door? Fantastic ideas!! So glad you are doing ok - we've had lots of ice and freezing rain with temperatures in the single digits - not used to that in NC…Spring can't get here fast enough!!

  5. oh i love the mantle- looks great! and love your epiphanies! :)

  6. Ha!! I looked at mine, too! :) Such a fabulous idea, Patty!

  7. Great ideas Mom! The TV over the refrigerator looks fantastic..keep up the good ideas!

  8. You have the best epiphanies Patty. That's a great idea because it is a cabinet that's so seldom used. I agree with you on hanging the mirror over the mantel because I'm always afraid somehow whatever is leaning on that wall will get knocked over. The house looks beautiful!

    As of right now it is zero degrees here on this Friday morning in Rhode Island. I've forgotten what the grass looks like because everything is covered in snow and ice. More is expected this weekend which causes another problem because we've run out of space for additional snow removal. My brother, who lives in New Hampshire, says how wintertime is nothing but more work. One month until spring which can't come quick enough.

  9. Patty your TV in the kitchen is Pinterest worthy! What a fabulous idea. Painting the inside of the cabinet black was smart, too. Your house looks gorgeous--but I know change it's gonna come. A girl has to move her accessories around. I use YouTube for everything. I was keeping my grandson and couldn't remember how his breathing treatment worked so I pulled up a video on YouTube. Anyway--put in BRIDGE in the search and I'm sure you will get more info than you ever wanted. (You might learn some new tricks to use when you play, too.)
    Happy Spring!

  10. That is such a great spot for the TV, and great call on painting the back black!