Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Mirrors, that is!

MC has just completed his "First" task at carpentry in the HEAH!  (our Happily Ever After Home).
He made three frames for the three, almost identical, bathroom vanity mirrors.   The cabinetry is painted in a black finish and we decided to go with black frames.

This is the third home he has done this, so he has it done pretty tight !   We have had a number of finishes in our other homes, but I don't think (?) we ever went with black!

So pleased with the results.....down the road we will devote our attention to replacing the lighting.    It will be one of those things, when I see what I think will work, we will go for it!  I don't feel like scanning 1000's of lighting fixtures on the internet in search for the perfect lights.  One day they will just  appear!  Would like to replace the "Gallery Hall" light fixtures as well.  We have plenty of time, don't want everything immediately.  This home has so many features that were Standard, we don't feel the need to change very much right off the bat!

So here are the images of MC's Framed Mirrors!!

The Master Bath has two identical vanities and mirrors .  The Hall Bath has one vanity and one sink, again, identical to the two in the Master Bath




Chapter One.....DONE!!

See you soon...
ps....need to "soften" up the look.  Will work on it!