Thursday, April 24, 2014


MC's decision not to build the cabinet, bookcase unit in the Great Room was one of his best as of yet!   As I stated the other day, his heart was not into the project.  Heck, he's built about 6 of them.  He needed something new to tackle.  He also was not crazy about the painting involved in building the units.  He hates to paint!
When he said he wanted to see what  IKEA might have, I was all for it.   We went  Tuesday ---- and last night the entire unit was up and "styled".  If he had built it, it would have cost double, and it might be finished in 3 months!
Of course we got ideas for other areas of the house.  Next project will be the wall in our Dining Area.  MC was going to duplicate what he had built in the BLH, but no longer.   We found great glass and metal shelves that we will look into next month!!!!
So..... TaDa.... you are now in for a treat!
 Here are pictures of our "custom" shelves in the Great Room.  MC did make a base to give them a built-in look.  They came with legs, which we didn't care for.

Entering the Great Room....

Other angles from different areas of the space.

Close up shots

This has to be the FASTEST project MC has ever done!
It looks perfect in the space....as if it was made for it.... and our treasures are finally out to enjoy!

The Happily Ever After House is really developing .......everything looks like it was meant to be!