Saturday, April 12, 2014

15 DAYS !!!

We have been in our "HAPPILY EVER AFTER" home for 15 days.

I think we have accomplished a huge amount, starting with my unpacking over 60 boxes the first day!

The floor plan is quite different than any we have ever had.  Upon entering you are standing in a Grand Hall that goes 18 feet!

This gave us a wonderful space to display some of our large Art pieces from Asia and Erica!

Half way down the Grand Hall there is an opening to a smaller hall which has our Guest Bath, MC's den and our Guest Room/Sitting Room/ Whatever Room!  We will be purchasing an EZ blow up bed that opens with legs to give it bed height.  Whenever we have guests we will pull it out!  It closes up to the size of a large suit case.  They are the size of a queen bed and are quite comfortable!

MC's Den

Guest Room/Sitting Room
Guest Bath

Patti and Mark gave us this "Sign" for Christmas and we felt it was at home with
Robert Sexton's print "The Vow" and my brother Bobby's art version!
These are hung in the smaller hall.

At the end of the hall is our Great Room/Dining Room and Kitchen


We gave up our vista view in the BLH, but we have so much privacy with our new Terrace.  Our neighbors from Sun City, Magda and Alan,  gave us the inspiration for the roll up shades and also for those fun saddle stools!

Master Bedroom

Entrance to Terrace from Master Bedroom

Master Bath

All this in 15 days.....................
Lots has been accomplished and we have a long, long list of projects for MC and the future!  You know he will be constructing a wall unit behind the dining table and of course a built-in in the space next to the fireplace.

I have changed very few pieces since we moved in.  I have stuck with my first visions pretty closely.  Most of our things moved right into place.  We did purchase two new chandeliers and the three stools.  In the future we will slowly replace the remaining light fixtures.  

When the built-in and the wall unit are done, I can start my "decor"  displaying our treasures.  Right now they are in our huge, walk-in pantry "room"!  That and our real attic are rooms/spaces we have never had before.  They are fabulous.  Not much for picture taking, but wonderful spaces never the less!!

To Be Continued.....