Monday, October 14, 2013


Mary Kay Andrews is a fabulous Author,  I have loved reading!
Her characters and story lines are fun and keep you wanting more! 

Last night I had the opportunity to meet her!   A great evening!

One  of my favorites is  Ladies' Night!  It's a great read and the main character, Grace,  is  a Blogger.  What not to love! 

There were some lines that had me laughing out loud!  It's a Must for you all.  Grace is a riot and gets herself out of a big mess.

I signed up for Mary Kay's Newsletter.  Last week there was an announcement of her latest book, being released tomorrow,  October 15:


Christmas Bliss 

There was a Book Signing party at the DeKalb Public Library in Decatur, GA  last night.  MC agreed to drive and we made our reservations.

Meeting Mary Kay was so much more than what I ever dreamed.  We got there early.  Mary Kay was signing books as we arrived!   She talked to each and every one of us, conservatively 200 people!    I brought along my copy of Ladies' Night and a book in the Series of the latest Savannah Series addition, Savannah Breeze

The Savannah Series with characters Weezie and Be Be are definitely Fan favorites!! A  new addition is an event to celebrate!

Mary Kay was in total Christmas Spirit for the evening.  She has had many book signings and has "dressed" for each in appropriate  attire.  For last evening she wore an outstanding dress which happens to be a copy of Rosemary Clooney's dress in the last scene of White Christmas.  (which she said was one of her favorite movies)

Mary Kay spoke to us  about her life, writing,  and added a lot of little interesting facts about her personal life.

Her "pen" name is a combination of her children's names, Mary Kay and Andrew!  Her husband, "Mr. Mary Kay",  is almost as fabulous as MC.  He was the bartender for the evening and her daughter, her assistant.

We learned about her writing, what it entails,  and how she feels like she has given birth each time a new book is released!

I believe we all went away with her joy of life,  generosity and  enthusiasm!   She is a "Happy Woman" who appreciates her family, life and success.

Me and Mary Kay

Mary Kay signed and wrote this note to me!!!  Thrilled to death!

More than 200 fans were in attendance.  We all received "goody bags" and a signed book.  
Before Mary Kay spoke there was a fabulous spread of cakes, cheeses, fruits, breads, sodas and "adult beverages"!  Mary Kay mingled around talking to us, having her pictures taken with many Book Clubs  that were in attendance and with individuals.

I took a few candid shots of the evening....One shows MC.  There were a few other men there,  but I love this shot!

Can you find him?


We just formed  a small Book Group in our neighborhood.  I wish we had known about this event in time for all of us to have gone.   The next one WE WILL!

One of her promises to her readers is that EVERY book she writes will have a HAPPY ENDING!
She wants you to know that when you pick up a book of hers to read, when you are finished you will have a smile on your face!!!  Now that says it all!!! 

Mary Kay "tries" to write 2 books a year!   


  1. Replies
    1. Hopefully your friend will have an opportunity to attend a function in the future. Mary Kay is a Joy!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun!! Dad (aka - MC) looks thrilled!! Of course I found him in the crowd of women. Glad you both had a fun evening out!

    1. Patti,
      Your Dad, aka MC admitted on the way home that he really was glad he went and had a fun time! Mary Kay was so gracious to all of us!!!! Can't wait for her next book!

  3. MC is a good sport - just like my hubby. Glad you had a good time, Patty

    1. We are lucky! MC really was glad he went. We had a great time!!!

  4. What a fabulous evening, how fun for you. Love seeing your smiling face,
    xo Kathysue

    1. It was so much fun. I was smiling all evening! As Mary Kay said herself, she has everyone finishing the "read" with a Smile On Their Face"!!!

  5. Talented, fun, warm, and down to earth: love her already!! Thanks for introducing me to this author, Patty. Hope you and MC had a wonderful holiday weekend.

  6. I just read her book about the blogger this past summer. Savannah Breeze was a fun read because I enjoyed how she transformed a run-down motel into a something novel and unique. It looks like you really enjoyed yourself and her red Rosemary Clooney outfit was so perfect for her next book launch.

    MC sitting in the audience is cutie lol.

    1. I think Christmas Bliss will be a great continuation of the adventures of Weezie and BeBe. Mary Kay is already writing the next book which her publisher is pushing for release next summer, I will surely attend that signing party!!!

  7. Never heard of her, I guess I have to check her out.

  8. How exciting that you got to meet her! And get a goody bag! I haven't heard of her before, I'll have to check out some of her books.

  9. It was such a joy! I think you would love her books!

  10. WOW...what a gracious hostess she is. I have read a few of her books but sadly since I started blogging....my reading has suffered. Looks like you had a great time.