Sunday, September 29, 2013

MC And I Went On A Road Trip!

We headed out  for Gainesville, Florida.  The main purpose of our trip was to see my Brother, Henry, AKA Happy,  star in the Gainesville Community Theater's performance of Lend Me A Tenor.  

We arrived in town as he was headed out for the Friday night performance.   We had just a few minutes to catch up at the hotel before he had to leave for the show.

This is PreShow dress!

Saturday morning we drove to his home with Panera goodies in tow!!!    SIL Pat  had   hip replacement surgery 10 days ago, and can't get around too well, let alone prepare a meal!!!!  

Actually a great excuse for more Panera stuff!!!

My nephew Max, Brother, Happy and Pat

Before her surgery she managed to find this chandelier, repaint it and reupholster the chairs!  The table was a "Find" at a thrift  shop

When "Happy" left for the matinee, MC and I took a little trip to a very quaint town, about 500 residents, Micanopy, Florida .   A mini Senoia!  They have done a few films there, including Doc Hollywood!   The shops are not as fancy as Senoia, but just as cool and fun.

We found a parking spot in front of this wonderful old building!
We entered Micanopy Trading Outpost and was greeted by the owner, America Gordon!   Her shop specializes in European and Asian treasures!  She and her husband just returned from a buying trip to Europe.



America was so gracious!  She pointed out a number of her recent finds from her recent trip.

 These are  clay church roof tiles that the women of the village formed on their thighs. When the church was razed they made them into candle holders....clever!

Some fabulous Asian pieces

Jimmy, her stray new friend

These marvelous works are made by an Artist that  does it all by welding!  Great unusual pieces!

 Of course had to have a picture with my new friend!!

America suggested we go to the Mosswood Farm Store & Bake House, an organic coffee shop for something to drink and a pastry!.....especially the pastry!

I immediately was taken in by a fabulous chocolate "thing".   It was a double chocolate brownie!  It was delicious...no picture!  It was gone before MC could get the camera to it!   I figured it had to be calorie FREE!  This was an Organic coffee shop, right?

We went back to visit America and thank her for suggesting this great dessert heaven!  I mentioned that it was great knowing it had no calories...Dah...and America told me that they figured out it had at least  900  ........

We were getting ready to head out and I asked if she had any unusual cabinet knobs.    I told her about my kitchen cabinets!! She took one off a chest and handed it to me!!!!

Have to show it in place.  As soon as we got home MC put it up!

Back to Happy's for a quick meal before the evening performance. 


   That's Happy on the top right!

After the show, the Cast greets everyone in the Lobby!  I love this practice.  One theater we went to in this area also does this!  It really makes the evening very personal!

I have never, ever seen my Brother in Tails!!!
Not bad!
A little improvement from his get up when we met him at the hotel!



Before we left, I did a little tweaking in the Great Room.  No Surprise.
The reason makes sense, believe me.

The sofa is now facing the fireplace wall.  The room is 16 feet wide by 20 feet long.   The sofa, and the two slipper chairs fill the room very nicely, but the gorgeous cocktail table that MC made is 4 ft. x 4ft!   That left absolutely no room to get around!   I had to do something!  I hated to remove the table, but sadly, I did.  It will show up somewhere, in some form .....some day.  So what to use separating the sofa from the chairs...????


 The proportions are perfect!

It's been a busy week.....
now what?