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 Julia is the genius behind.....Cuckoo 4 Design


Julia is presently in Germany visiting her family, but stays true to her follows on her blog.  This morning she posted about new products from IKEA.

  One in particular caught my eye


Way ...way back in early 2003, MC and I rented a van!

  Our destination was IKEA in Northern Virginia...

We lived in Norfolk at the time!  We had visions of Sugar Plums during the 4 hour drive! We would  actually be  going to an IKEA store!  We had a plan of action and the items we were tracking down.
 If you have never been to an IKEA you can easily get lost and never find your way out!  You MUST have a plan!

Among the pieces we were searching for were glass cabinets on skinny X aluminum (or such) legs!  We needed three to fill the space between our fireplace and the outside wall! The moment we found them, we knew they were going to be perfect!

We also ended up  with boxes and boxes of Bonde cabinets for our guest room/office.  The van was packed!!

The day was a huge success and I discovered the APPLE CAKE in the cafeteria!

Can you see the cabinets?
This was before MC realized he could be such a Master Carpenter!
I think this condo is the favorite of the 35 homes  we have lived in.  A dear, Designer friend, Bill, helped me design the unit,  and taught me all I know today about Design!  Bill painted the faux wall over and surrounding the fireplace.
One of my favorite pieces,  ever,  Bill found!  It's the grinding stone that sits in front of the fireplace.  It was "LOST" in our move from Charlotte to Georgia.....Sure, it wasn't lost!!!

The condo was located on an old (100+ years) railroad pier in Historic Norfolk. Today the Battleship, Wisconsin is docked parallel to the pier.

There are three buildings

Our unit was in the center of the  middle building
on the 4th Level

Harbor Fest 
What  a great place to live!

Getting Back to the Present..............

Those three cabinets have been carried around all these years.  Taken apart and put together more times than MC would like to think about.  What took hours the first time is down to 1/2 an hour today!  We gave one to our son, Bobby, for his models, leaving us with two.

Yesterday, we removed them from the garage where they have been the last three years!  MC put them together once more!   They are now the perfect pieces in our guest room, the Epiphany Suite!

When someone new moves into our neighborhood, (Dolcetto is the name of our neighborhood)  they receive a basket with baked goods, information on the neighborhood and a bottle of 


We have a bottle ready for our guests!


 (The legs have been gone for years...They simply gave out!)

This was a fun Post.  Brought back lots of happy memories!  Thank you Julia for the inspiration!

I have more....a message to Pam of
Simple Design

Her post this morning was about a mirror from Martha Stewart that was available at Home Depot.  I made a comment that I would look for it.  While I have been writing this post MC went to Home Depot and got it!!!!  They will be sold out in no time.  It's as great as it looks in the pictures!  Will show where we put it tomorrow!!


Thank you Pam.....


  1. I love getting tips from other bloggers about great items/sales/etc. I love the mirror; can't wait to see where you put it! It was fun learning about your last home! It looks beautiful. I love the glass cabinets in the guest room. Oh and I want to move into your neighborhood now so I'll get a gift basket too! ;) What awesome neighbors you guys are!!

    1. This was fun! The cabinets have never had a better purpose!
      Yes, we have the best neighborhood ever!!!

  2. oh my gosh! they are so perfect!!! and i LOVE julia- she is a favorite blogger and person of mine! :)
    and i want to move into your neighborhood just for the bottle of wine.

  3. Hello, my friend! Are you referring to the Ikea in Potomac Mills? We go there all the time. BTW, I also love their apple cake :)

    Hard to believe you and MC have lived in 35 places. WOW!!! No wonder you all are such decorating pros!!! Thanks for sharing the epiphany suite.


    1. Yes, that's the IKEA we went to!
      We have lived in 35 different homes. The BLH and our Norfolk condo in Freemason are on the top of our list!

  4. I always love your post and what a perfect display case for amenities for your guest. Wow that mirror is stunning, great find!!
    Happy Wednesday!!
    Tomorrow my home will be on the Summer Tour of Homes in blogland!!
    Hope to see you there, at least virtually,
    xo Kathysue

    1. I'm looking forward to visiting your home tomorrow!
      Come and stay in the Epiphany Suite....we take reservations!!!

  5. That was so interesting to travel down memory lane with you. Please feel free to share your former homes with us again. It's always a learning experience when visiting your blog.

    I remember the first time I went to Ikea which is less than an hour away. It was like a maze and I worried about an escape route in case of fire. (paranoid much?) We've been there several times since and although my husband doesn't want to go there my daughters are always game. Word of advice, never go before school starts as all the college students overtake the place and the parking garage is like a set up out of Disney World. Everyone should go at least just for the experience.

    1. Never thought about it, but you gave everyone great advice about avoiding IKEA pre-school!
      Back in May/June of 2010 I did blog posts on most of our homes prior to moving into the BLH. (check the archives) That was a fun look back....all the way to 1959!

  6. lol that you rented a van and drove 4 hours to IKEA! That is love. I admittedly have a love/hate relationship with Ikea. Love em, cause ya can't beat their prices, but hate em because inevitably there's always something missing from a box which means ya have to drive back to get it. Is it me, or are Ikea's always an hour or more away? Does anyone on the planet live 5 minutes from an Ikea? You must be a lucky person. Anywho, thanks for the great trip down memory lane and for introducing me to Julia's blog. Hope you and MC are doing fab.

    1. When we lived in Charlotte and now here, we less than 30 miles to IKEA.
      So far we have never had a missing piece! Guess we have been lucky.

  7. Good Lord....did not know that Ikea had been around for that long! I hate to say this but I love going to Ikea and getting a hot dog for .75!!! Nice to know that their products will last that long!

    1. Ikea has been around for ever, I'd guess in the States for at least 20 years!