Saturday, July 6, 2013



MC and I will never take that DREAM VACATION.....It' just not in our cards!


We will do a little renovation around the BLH.  This way our "Dream Vacation" will live on.

We choose to have our "Dream Vacation" continue day to day, year to year.
We hope to convert our Master Bathroom into a space we can fully use.  The soaking tub takes up a lot of "real estate" in that room.  It's never been used!  I am now at the point where it has become a huge effort to keep clean!  One of these days I figure I will fall head first into it!

Our contractor is booked up for almost two months.  Hopefully work will begin in mid August!  I have no idea what I can come up with for Posts until the work begins.  I might be on a long hiatus!

Here is what we have today....Our  BEFORE pictures.

All of the above will be REMOVED!!!!

In it's place will be a walk-in shower!  Wall to Wall!   11 feet!  Tiled to the ceiling with a built in bench.  We will continue the tile that's on the floor into the "shower".  It will encase the window which will be replaced with  one that allows the light to enter, but you won't be able to see in.  Good thing!!! It has a Rain design, simple,  so it doesn't get too busy with the tile.

The glass will be  "frame less"  and clear,  running  8 feet leaving  a 3 foot opening at the end--- to walk in.......no door!

Between now and then, maybe Epiphanies will come,  (no cost ones!)---- but if not, I haven't gone anywhere......
We have our tickets!  Just waiting for our vacation to begin!!!