Wednesday, April 25, 2012


My 15 minutes of fame is behind me! 


In the middle of the weekend, while I was trying to write my last two posts for TRADhome, Blogspot decides to revamp its format and my email goes to a new "look"!   I was up  all hours trying to get emails, pictures and posts to the blog written in a readable form....It was a nightmare.
I haven't figured out either.... yet!    

I really have no idea what the blog is doing or how to find things.   It  took me three years to figure out how to use it!  I thought I had finally figured the thing out and they go and change it!  Today,for whatever reason the print I'm using  has a life of it's own.  It's going from size to size, font to font....etc,  It will be a FUN script for sure!

MC and I have not been sitting still during the last few weeks/months.  You might have thought so, but NO....We have been busy!

Lots of "Epiphanies" and lots of doctor visits.  I have had a barrage of tests for my heart.  Bottom line, I'm OK for an old GAL!  So I will be around, with Patty's Epiphanies, for awhile!

Where do I begin with all the new "stuff" , and the great Epiphanies that have occurred?  Like most things that go on here in the Bucket List House...one thing leads to another.  The famous Domino affect!


  The rug that was in the foyer, the  one I bought in September with the fab circles... from the fabric outlet.....it was such a good deal.....BUT NOT REALLY...It's now  falling apart.  You get what you pay for.   I figured I better put it in a "lesser" traffic area.....

Tried it all over.  It ended up in the middle of the kitchen floor.  I know, still high traffic!  But I got that solved in a flash!  I put the sofa table that MC  built,  on top of it.....WE NOW HAVE A KITCHEN ISLAND!!  I think that is extremely


Back to the Foyer!  I needed to purchase a new rug,   again!  I remembered a year ago,  I was thinking of a Flokati Rug.  I did some research and found the website.  MC called Phil, the owner.  He remembered us.  We had ordered the rug, it ended up being back ordered, we decided not to continue.  Phil kindly cancelled our order, refunded our charge without a word!  Phil was our "Man"!  He processed our "new" order and the gorgeous Flokati rug was in our foyer in three days.  Two days later, I came home and almost died!!!  I had on heels.  Remember those tall skinny things attached to the soles of shoes.  We used to were them to make our legs look long and sexy!  It was Easter Sunday, we had been to the "Club" for a brunch.  I had on Heels!!    Well those skinny sticks got tied up in the Flokati stuff!!!!  I almost ended up on my face!  Luckily I was able to stop the fall, but it flashed before me....."I can't keep this rug in the Foyer!..Someone will eventually fall and sue us!"

What do I do now?

I lugged that rug all over trying to find a new home for it.  Ended up putting it along side the guest bed. Perfect for guests toes to sink into!


I know, I know......the Foyer is rugless AGAIN!

Now I really have to think fast on my feet!  I have to come up with something I can "sell" to MC that makes sense!....and is a Good Deal that will work and LAST!

I have been seeing animal hide rugs in so many rooms in my magazines this past year.  Love them!  

I sat at this laptop and went to work on animal hide rugs.

I FOUND ONE.  Very affordable and perfect!  MC was excited about the "look".  He called our "new" man at the cowhide site!  Again, in three days, this amazing cow was on our floor.  THIS ONE WILL LAST.  NOTHING CAN RUIN IT.  IT IS PERFECT!   The backing is leather and keeps it in place.



SHE'S OUR GAL!  the stripe down the middle is fab, makes the whole look!

My devilish mind is already working....Think a larger cowhide rug would look grand under the cocktail table!!!!  Yes, I will work on that!!!!

Now, we're not finished!  I told you we have been busy!

On the way to Atlanta this morning, we discussed switching the dining tables.  I thought the round glass top one would fit the space in the dining room much better than the long rectangle.  I wasn't sure about MC's dining table, but it looks like it was built for the kitchen dining space.  Why we never did this before is puzzling!!!!  The 5' round glass fits the square room perfectly!



If you get a chance, do check out TRADhomemag.com
It's a great read! 


  1. love all the rugs! could use some for my house!!!

  2. All three are approx. 5' x 7'. Each one has it's own personality....

  3. Can't wait to see it all in person! It'll probably be changed by Friday....

  4. Glad you are okay! As far as the cow rug goes, it may last, but not in that place. You probably don't have to dust because nothing in that house stays in one place long enough to collect dust! Love the new looks!