Thursday, February 3, 2011



It seems like months, if not forever, that I have been in a "Chandelier" world!!!

What to hang in the Great Room was easy. The rest has been so, SO difficult.

I can't even guess how many chandeliers I have viewed on line. Each site I have gone to has at least 5,000 to view!

Erica led me in the right direction. She advised hanging the one that was in the dining room in the kitchen and that worked perfectly!

The new Grand Chandelier is now in the Great Room and it's definitely Grand!

We hung the one that was in the kitchen in MC's office and that is also, perfect, for the room!

The Foyer remained the same. ( Thank goodness!!!!!)

That left the Dining Room..................

As some of you know I have been all over the spectrum of shapes, textures, colors, etc. We thought we had it down to two. The ones I showed you last week..........................

But No .................That was not the case...........they are both "No Goes"!!!

We took the measurements of both, and MC made forms of each one. We held them up and they were both much too small for the space!

So, back to the web sites. I haven't left the house for three days! This new computer is really wonderful. I am so thankful it has speed and doesn't jam up on me as the old one did. I would be in the nut house if I still had that one!!! Or worse, in jail, for abusing MC for not making it work!

Late last night, it was down to three entirely different ones than we were considering last week. I had "saved" about 8 from the thousands, but four were eliminated due to cost and one because MC simply hated it. The three that made the final list all met the first requirement, they were withing our "Retirement" budget. I have to admit that having restraints on cost makes the entire adventure, A True Adventure! But really, isn't that the fun of it all????

So after a final review with Erica, we made our decision! We ordered it!!! It's done!!!

Now, you really don't think I'm going to just show you a so so picture, do you? Of course not!

You will have to wait, with us, for good ole UPS to deliver it. The second MC finishes hanging it, I will post a picture! And I will also post pictures of all the "Jewels" in their new spaces! Lighting is a necessary function, but more importantly, the it's the "Jewelry" of the room!!

Now the wait...................


  1. It is....Wait to you see the new fixture. It's really "something"!

  2. Oh sure, leave us all in suspense!! Can't wait to see what you chose.

  3. The bigger suspense will be what will be the next "adventure!!!" Looking forward to the updated pictures.

  4. Patti that is good! Any ideas?
    We still have the built-ins to finish!