Sunday, June 27, 2010




Before two years had gone by.....both Master Carpenter and I could no longer take all the stairs......so you know the story.....................

Without too much trouble, being that I kept up on newly built condominium developments , I had Master Carpenter in the model of what was going to become home #25. The deal was (as always) we had to sell where we were, this time, the three level condo...... I think Master Carpenter expected it to take months.

I sold it in one day!!!! Didn't hurt that after being the Site Manager on the project, I had a list of buyers who were waiting for a resale of our model to come on the market. One phone call ......and I had a contract in hand! Carried it over to Master Carpenter, who was at work, for his signature, and put him into shock!

So ...Linkhorn Bay Condominium became our next adventure.

We were planning our first cruise to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. The plans went like this:
  • Booked Cruise to Europe
  • Cruise Canceled
  • Money Returned
  • Bought New Furniture With Money!! Simple
Enter Bill Shaver.....We headed out to buy our new furniture and Bill was the first person we saw after entering the store. We gave him an idea of what we were looking for. He made a visit to our home and then we set to work. Started with a curved Sherrill sofa and chair, two silk needlepoint rugs and a great bed. The rest is HISTORY!!!!!!!

With Bill's help the sofa, chair and iron bed made a fabulous 40th Anniversary!

Loved the Kitchen ....Black tile floors, black granite counter tops and white cabinetry


Really can't put a reason on why I was itching to look at something else, but I was. I had heard about a great new project in the Historic section of Norfolk. I took a trip over to the site and knew we would be there some day!

The trick was selling Master Carpenter on moving to Norfolk!!! It took awhile, but with some strong convincing I was successful.. We sold our condo in about three months...not one day, but still in a reasonable length of time. The problem was now there weren't any units available in PierPoint. They were sold out!!! The third building was just starting construction and was about a year out from completion. We rented an apartment and decided that we wanted to live in that neighborhood and would look at any, and all, condominium buildings that had units that would come on the market. I am counting the apartment as #26 because we moved into it not knowing where or when we would buy our next home! We thought we could be there a year!!! I am not counting it into the title of this Post though because it was not really our choice, just a holding place!!! After two months, a unit in the second building of PierPoint came back on the market................you know the result ...signed a contract for #27.


The project consisted of three buildings. They were built on a 100 year old pier. The Wisconsin Battleship was docked on one side of the pier and an Asian Pagoda and Gardens were on the other. The middle shot was taken during a Harbor Fest weekend the first June we were there.

This was a great period of my Epiphanies. (with Bill's help) I would describe an idea, he would tweak it and Master Carpenter would do the work!!!! Except for ONE project that Bill did. He loved to faux paint and we asked him to do the surround on the fireplace wall. It was a day that the three of us would always remember and a special day that Master Carpenter and Bill shared.

The Great Room With Bill's Touch of Genus



This was the period of GREAT PAINTING!!!!! Bill pushed me to go "outside the box" ... try dark colors.... and paint ceilings!!!!! We had a ball. The unit was so, so dramatic! Don't know what was more striking....the Decor..or the View!!!!



Now...you say what in the world would prompt me to look further........ A developer introduced a spectacular new high rise ....unbelievable 32 story condominium with a concierge, doorman, and amenities one would expect a Trump building to have!!! The design resembled the Empire State Building and I was taken in 150%!!!!! So.....our PierPoint unit went on the market. We had plenty of time to sell. The ' Empire State Building', AKA, Granby Tower, was a good three years from completion. In fact, all that existed was an empty lot, a gorgeous mock-up of a model, and a beautifully appointed Sales Trailer. It took one year and 6 months, but we finally got a contract on our unit.....BUT..... no sign of anything with Granby. The "talk" was that it would never get built !!! It was the beginning of the down turn in developers getting financing. It was 2007 and we had signed our contract in late 2005!!!! So again we had our home sold and no place to go..................




Being that I had my heart set on a high rise with Trump amenities....I searched the web and discovered Charlotte, North Carolina. Within a couple of days we were again under contract. We bought a unit on the 17th floor and dreamed we had our home in the sky!!

This was the setting of the birth of Patty's Epiphanies ....... please go to the archives ....all of the pictures of our masterpieces while living here are there.....

We had no idea that this would turn out to be the worst mistake of our lives. The building was acceptable, the views were amazing, the unit OK (all 1100 sq.ft.), but we lived with aliens.......our neighbors were all under 30, hip, and party people! Now can you see us in this environment??? The unit was on the market after nine months! I was a mess and Master Carpenter announced it was his turn to find our "resting place" and a 55+ Community..................Sun City Peachtree

We are about at journey's end!
One more to go.................................


  1. I think I actually visited the Pierpointe one! Gorgeous, of course!

  2. The Triplets! Now you've gone to TheTwins!!! Well, the same neighborhood anyway - that's a first! All your homes have been beautiful in their own way. Can't wait to see the next one.

  3. now this is the designer I know! coming up on house 30... in 51ish years, plus some "temporaries"...... that's gotta be close to a record of some kind!!!! And forget how many couches you've had... let's talk bedding!!! HAHAHAHA!

  4. And Erica....about four or five "bed ensembles" have not been included!!!