Saturday, October 10, 2009


You will all think I have lost my marbles.... but this is the most fun and crazy Epiphany I have had in months...

Please, don't think "You have really lost it this time!"........read, and give it a minute to "speak to you"!

Back in May, I toured Atlanta's prestigious Showcase of Homes. This year the event was held in the new St. Regis Hotel and Residence Condominium in Buckhead. The building is to "Die For"......Can't even describe how elegant the complex is!

As I was wondering through the magnificent condominium homes on the tour, I noticed two floral designers arranging pieces. One designer was arranging tree branches in a tall vase ......When she had it just right she carefully placed it on the dining table in one of the most glamorous dining rooms I have ever stepped into! At first I thought she was nuts, but after taking a second look, I realized "This is Fantastic, what a brilliant idea! Trendy, for sure, but it was the ideal piece for the formal, elegant room!

In the months since, in every magazine I subscribe to, at least one room in each issue has a variation of this idea! This "silly" trend was screaming at me.....Finally, I realized...... this is EXACTLY what I need for the pedestal I bought in Charlotte !!

Last week Master Carpenter and I had a "get away" day in Atlanta. One of the things we did, as always, was to scout out all my favorite design shops! We found the TREES ....... OH YES, we did....and boy were they pricey! One shop had a "Twig" for $19, another, two for $29!!! They weren't as tall as I wanted... nearly as decorative, and they were FAKE!!!!

Ah.....my brain went to work....I realized I have all I need without spending a dime.... I have "Master Carpenter"!!!! He can surely go into the surrounding "woods" and find some DEAD tree branches !!! He was so agreeable!! Emil is smart enough now..... that if I come up with an idea that he can pull off without any cost......he CAN come up with a way to do it!

With a "sketch" of the exact shape and form of THE dead branches I wanted, he headed out.....within 45 minutes he was back....with perfect, I mean PERFECT, specimens!!!

St Regis, and all those magazines...eat your hearts out.....the latest "trend" is in our home FREE!!!

If you feel this is too far out for you...consider spraying the branches silver, gold or white....Instant Holiday magical decor!!!!

Nothing in "nature" has been harmed or killed! It is a genuine, qualified "Green Project"!

Side note: ......Master Carpenter fell upon a few golf balls while he was on his search and offered them to passing golfers. I can only imagine what went through their minds seeing Master Carpenter .... not only was some old nut walking around with dead tree branches......BUT.....

(As most of you know Emil feels chilly most of the time, one reason there will never be a ceiling fan in our house!!!)

This morning was beautiful, sunny, and 75 degrees! And...what do you think Master Carpenter was decked out in???? A hooded black sweat jacket, shorts, brown socks and white jogging shoes!



  1. You really pulled this off!

  2. Bobby D. has sent an excellent tip I would like to pass on to you all. He recommends that we spray the branches with hair spray to prevent them from rotting. He uses this trick when making his models. Thanks Bobby, thank you very much

  3. hahahahaha well every adventurer has a uniform!

    I've noticed this trend as well... especially for glitzy holiday decor... so yes everyone, the spray paint isle is a gem :)

    Good work being "crafty" and resourceful! Stores cannot always replicate the perfection of real nature.

  4. You can't fool MOTHER NATURE!!!