Thursday, October 22, 2009


It was brought to my attention that 5 (FIVE) days have gone by and there hasn't been a new post!!

Ok....guys...I came up with one.

When I am stressed/ and or nervous, I move things around.....This has been a stress filled week, between doctors, dentists and becoming "head" of the Holiday Tour of Homes. (Lots of responsibilities!)....

I made a lot of changing around here!

Now for the fun part.......... or I dare I say "test"!

I have counted 13 different things in the appearance of the great room. Who can guess them? Oh, by the way......no prizes this time!


  1. oh man, i'm gonna have to concentrate for this one...

  2. By the way, there are at least 13! Really more! Have fun.

  3. The big trick is compared to when?

  4. I've counted probably 7 ????? Should we list them here?

  5. Yes,Erica, list them and maybe you can find more............

  6. ok...

    1. Branches moved
    2. Throw on Red Ottoman
    3. Items in Bottom Two Shelves of Built-in Changed
    4. Abstract City Picture on Sofa Table
    5. Necklace Moved
    6. Tall Candle Sticks?
    7. Does the Ottoman/Coffee Table Swich-out Count?
    8. Switching End Tables
    9. Removed Black Pedestals
    10. Books in Tray
    11. Flip Flop the Chair Arrangement

    That's my guesses! Cool idea! Next time... Take one photo... then change ONE minor thing and take it again... OR hide something silly in the photo.... "One of these things is not like the other..." hahaha

  7. Erica you got a A.

    Technically you got them all. What you didn't notice was the direction of the chandelier moved as the direction of bench moved. And yes, I counted the table/bench as one changed. One you missed was the addition of a different lamp and the removal of one of the mirrored lamps and the removal of the black glass lamp. Also, the chair for "my desk" which is now back to being a sofa table is no longer in the room.

    I like your idea of changing one item and having to find it. Will work on that.

    Good job....

  8. ottoman in the room, 2 black chairs,candlesticks in different place, branches on Dad's table, 2 pictures on Dad's table, necklace statue on different table, throw on ottoman, tray on ottoman and red "dish?" on end table....I did this before looking at the other comments.

  9. Black chairs...do you mean the three stools at the pass through? They have been there all along. Just not in room at party. In the lair that day.

    I am working on a change I dare anyone to find......as soon as camera batteries recharge I will work on it!