Saturday, May 6, 2017

Shell Point Life Magizine Featuring Signature Style in Shell Point Residences

About a month ago we were asked if we would like to be one of four residences that would be featured in Shell Point's monthly magazine!!!  I said, "Are you kidding? Yes, Yes!"
We are in the May issue and I  am so  excited to share our piece.  Boy they made us sound  and look 100% better than we are.

It also was a wonderful diversion to what was going on in our lives during this time, which I will detail at the end of this post.

Go to this Link....It's the Shell Point Life Magazine
We are on page 8
It's really a fabulous article and I thank all those who worked so hard to put it together

May 2017 Shell Point Life Magazine

Now to the other news in our lives!

Eleven years ago MC
had a stent put in to correct an aneurysm in his aorta.  Every year he has tests to make sure it's OK....

Well on February 6th we found out  this time it showed the stent had a "leak".   After many, many tests and procedures and more doctors than I care to think of,  we drove the 3 hours up to Tampa General Hospital to have a Vascular Specialist and his team do what was needed to make the repairs.     They added a cuff to the original stent and added another stent to his kidney.  We had hoped it would be a  2 or 3 day, at the most, stay  in the hospital.  But as things go he had a few complications that required that he remain  in the Vascular ICU for 6 days.  We arrived home Wednesday night.   We go back in two weeks for a follow up and I hope we won't get any more bad news and that he's OK,

Hopefully things will be normal in our lives soon and MC will get back to his normal self and I will be able to shed the stress that has consumed my existence since February 6th.



  1. Great article that sums you 2 up perfectly! Looking good too! Take good care of each other and fingers crossed at the check up.

  2. Superstars! What a wonderful pic of you both too! That article is excellent and spot on! Love it! Hope you both are relaxing at HOME and feeling well :) ... that was a long week...

  3. That's a beautiful written article about the two of you. They captured the creativity and inventiveness of how well you both work as a team. Bravo!

    You've both been through what sounds like a horrendous ordeal and I'm hoping all that is now behind you. MC and you deserve smooth sailing now after dealing with all those complications. Wishing good health, happiness and joy for the sweetest couple that you both are.

  4. I love seeing the beautiful article on your home and well deserved recognition!! I am so happy you are finally home and wishing a speedy recovery for MC and good rest for you! xoxo