Thursday, February 4, 2016


Well we did it!!!   We have been  officially accepted into Shell Point.  We had our physicals, put down our 10% and have chosen our feature options!!!  They have already started to renovate our unit. We could actually be in by the end of March, if not before......

Last week we were offered an apartment and within  half an hour we toured the property and said "Yes, Yes!  We love it"!   Everything went like clock work from that moment.  The staff are so friendly and professional.  They have been fantastic in helping us with all our questions and concerns.  Thank you all.  You are outstanding!!!!

The day after we were offered an apartment we were in the selection room with Cathi, who has been a  tremendous help  and is so knowledgeable.  We put together all our new flooring, counter tops, back splash, paint color, fabulous Kirsch shades and drapes,  and faucets.  I was amazed that so many of the items are standard.  The upgrades were not nearly as expensive as other builders we have worked with in the last couple of years.  As an example, Granite, is STANDARD!    So what does Patty do? She upgrades to Corian!!!!  (Happy, Paul?)   We have had granite in our last three homes, have paid dearly,  and decided to go with Corian, which was a slight upgrade.  We  decided we wanted to try something different and chose  a lovely Corian,

Our location is ideal.  Our Great Room faces a green space with two HUGE Banyon trees!  Our front faces a picturesque garden court yard.  The buildings we are in are in an area considered  the "Garden Apartments".  They remind me of motel buildings that were build in the 60's.  We are very close to a coffee shop, the activity center,  the woodworking complex (MC is overjoyed), pottery arts room, a fantastic restaurant and a lovely spa/hair salon....... all within steps from our home.   The property consists of over 800 acres with many different styles of housing, from the Garden Apartments to High Rises. They have a gym, tennis, golf and all the sports Senior complexes offer.  They also have just completed a new section with gorgeous 3000+ sq. ft. custom homes!!!!!  Next Fall they are opening a beautiful Club House which will add two more restaurants to the four that are already on the property.  And did I mention the 18 hole professional golf course..

I am  attaching pictures of our choices.  I hope you get some idea of what we chose from the pictures.  I will also add Shell Point's web site so you can go on  and see it all!!!

We really are excited about our new phase of our lives........

This is our front entry. So cool...Looks just like 1950!!!!  Very Quaint.  
Our home is  on the ground  floor #1144

 The two Banyon Trees that are in our "back yard"!!!

Our home is the fourth screened porch from the left.    

Paint color is the second one from the left.
The back splash will consist of glass tiles in different shades of gray,
The Corian is the sample square on top of the back splash samples.  

Our flooring is the gray 5 1/2" sample that has the Corian sample sitting on it.
All cabinets are white.

Below is the link to the website to Shell Point.  Take a look.  It will help put together all the different choices available and the scope of the property.



  1. We couldn't possibly be more thrilled for you and it is going to be amazing. LOVE, love all of your choices and can't wait to see you 2 work your magic! Happy Thursday xoxo ~

  2. Patty! I love everything you have chosen! Perfect! I am so happy for you! May you be extremely happy in your new home!

  3. I love your choices and they are perfect for your new Florida home. Looking forward to when the project is completed and you and MC are settled in.

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  5. Salmon and grey... so chic! (sorry for the delete... typo!)

  6. Hello, Patty and MC -
    Congratulations!!! Very exciting update! I'd love to have a screened porch at our next home. You'll love sitting there. And all beautiful selections.
    Happy weekend,