Saturday, December 5, 2015


 Our furniture finally arrived after a 10 day delay!  Not fun.
 Thank goodness my Brother's friends, George and Sue, allowed us to stay in their home in Pelican Preserve.     It's a gorgeous home and we were so comfortable living like a King and Queen.

Back to our reality.  Our 800 sq ft apartment.

I took pictures so everyone could see what we had to work with.  We are moving from 2200 sq. ft. down to 800 sq ft.!  Purge, yes we did.  Gave our kids and friends at least 2/3 of our things.  Can you believe we still have all of this left!!

We unpacked only the boxes we had to.  Had to make the apartment livable!  Most of our "pretties" are still boxed up along with  our large art and mirrors.

As soon as the movers left we went to work.  We did a lot that afternoon/evening until we were completely exhausted and then finished up the next day.

This is how it looks now and will until we pack it all up again and move to our home in Shell Point.

 MC's Office

Don't you love the "room divider" MC built for my office space!

Our new 48" x 29" dining table and 4 chairs that cost $199!!
That's a granite top....well maybe faux granite!

 Our walk-in closet and storage room

Love the Art walls with the "Fragile" pieces.  They are treasures.

I am sure we will be purging more when we go down another 96 sq.ft. to 704 sq.ft. at Shell Point.  Can not live without that "4" feet!

Do you think we can do it????  Will have to wait and see.......