Monday, November 24, 2014

A $95.39 DINING ROOM!!!

MC and I have moved a few things around.....nothing new there!

But this time we have "transformed" our  covered Terrace into our "new"
Dining Room!!

....Ta Dah...$95.39...the cost of Ballard Design's Suzanne Kasler's indoor/outdoor
7'10" x 10'10" rug!!!

We had the table and the chairs from our Bucket List home!  MC made the table when we moved into the BLH.  The table was against a wall in the Master Bedroom, but really had no "purpose".....EPIPHANY......make the Terrace a Dining Room

Yesterday we had torrential rains and the entire "room" remained DRY!!!!

In the Spring we hope to add indoor/outdoor drapery panels on the ends and in the center.  Along with the rug, it will add  softness to the hard surfaces.  We might have our dinner out there this evening...it's 70+  here in Atlanta today!!

Of course when one thing moves...everything moves.   We had to add something to the wall where we had the table and this is what we came up with...

The Christening Dress moved to over the glass console

With the white slipper chairs moving to the Master Bedroom it left some "holes" in the Great Room.  
Did some moving and came up with this arrangement.

Now we are going to seriously start our Christmas decor!   We picked out our tree Saturday and with the help of our dear, dear neighbor, we will pick it up with his truck on Wednesday,

Our Community is very small compared to Sun City.  We will have around 120 homes when it's built out.  But...there are 5 residents brave enough to volunteer their homes for Olde Town Grayson's first Holiday Tour of Homes on December 14th.  I am looking forward to the afternoon and will have my camera in tow!!!

See you later