Thursday, June 13, 2013


It's amazing!  I never know what will "hit" me from day to day, actually minute to minute!

Did anyone notice a black rug in the Great Room on the previous Post?  I never did explain it.....


Last Friday we had our new 12 x 14 black "plush" rug delivered.  I was able to remove all the furniture from the room easily  while MC was at "Work"!   I have that down!  I can move everything, save our king size bed!

 When the rug was delivered, a day later than expected, a middle aged man, I believe the owner of the business, delivered it in his panel truck.  He was not too happy about having to deliver it!  He thought we were going to pick it up!!!  Ha ...the day had been one with torrential rain, MC was working and we don't own a truck, let alone one that is enclosed! No where in the transaction did our picking up a 12' x 14' rug ever come up!  Previous purchases from them had always been delivered.

The man said they were charging us $15 for the delivery and he usually charges $25.   That was OK and a fair amount.   But,  I do feel it should have been mentioned up front.   


When he delivered it ....he handed me the "bill" and wanted a check.  I told him we had arranged with the "office" (a small desk) for it to be charged.  He was OK with that.  He dropped the rug in our foyer.  I hadn't planned on his "installing" it.  So I didn't object.  It  would be a breeze when MC came home for us to roll it out and put all the furniture back.

 A few minutes after he left, I looked  closely at the "Bill".  The costs broken down.  The amount of the rug, delivery and tax were listed, nothing else.  I looked and it appeared to be somewhat more than I had expected!  I got out my trusty calculator and played with numbers trying to get the numbers to add up. 


This was a very inexpensive (cheap) carpet.....$10 a sq.yd!!!  The rug was 12' x 14' which to me came to 18.6666 sq. yd's.  At $10 a square yard I figured $186.6666....Right?  There was a binding fee of $120, tax and the $15 Delivery.  The Bill was for $404!  Something didn't add up right!!! 
No matter what I did, I couldn't figure out where the $404 came from.  I figured it must have been more than $10 a sq. yd!  MC hadn't returned and I was trying to figure out how to explain all this to him.....so I called the establishment.  The salesperson who had been working with us answered the phone.

....I very politely explained I was having a "time" trying to understand the total amount!  I asked,  "Was the carpet $10  a sq.yd?"  She said, "Yes!"   I couldn't help myself any longer and said,  " OK, how do you figure  a total of $404??"  She said,  "Oh, there was a $65 "freight" Charge due to the small amount of the order!!" 

I really couldn't believe what I heard!  I was stunned!  I figured I would just explain the cost to MC and hope for the BEST....You see he wasn't that crazy about spending even the $10 a sq. yd.....do I need to say more?

When MC came home he was OK with the entire experience and didn't want to push the matter, so we ate the $65 Freight Charge!   I think he was TIRED!   If I had known of this charge up front I would have used that $65 on a better quality rug and at least received something for our money!!!

The rug is fine and looks great......But, we learned our lesson!  That will be our last dealings with Heritage Carpet in Griffin Georgia.  This was our fourth purchase  with them over the 4 years we have lived here and we have referred them to neighbors!  Not any more.


Now for the good stuff!  I will share how GREAT the rug looks in the room!

Of course, as always, this all created some other changes.  .......

I don't know WHY but now the Christening Dress didn't look "right" between the windows in the Dining Room.  So down it came.


I hung it in the hall leading to our Master Bedroom.

Now the BLACK Frame looked too harsh!  It was OK when the piece was surrounded by the black trim, drapery rods, etc in the Dining Room.


Before MC went to Lowe's, I suggested we experiment with some of the gold paints we had from previous projects.  We had two very good golds .  We played with both!  We think it turned out very "CUSTOM"......

I know Erica will be happy.  She never did like the Dress with the  black frame!!!!

.....stay tuned ...I never know what will change next at the BLH!