Saturday, May 11, 2013


This has been one of MC's smallest BUT  one of the longest projects to complete!
Here it is a couple of weeks ago.  It needed  "finishing" touches and a final coat of paint.

And now this morning.....ALL DONE!


Kathysue...eventually we will get the white dreamy towels!

I added a picture of our closet/dressing "room"!
Love the Chandelier.  It was in our last Master Bedroom. THE red leather bench is from Design Within Reach!  Yeah!  We purchased that when we had the Uptown Condo in Charlotte!  It doesn't "fit" anywhere in the BLH..... but due to it's ridiculous cost, I had to find a home for it! 

Those are IKEA cabinets we painted with the left over Annie Sloan paint.  Yes, we had some paint left over!!!  Still can't believe that 3 quarts were all we needed to do the entire Kitchen and the Master Bath!
It's 30" x 50" 

And the rest of the Master Suite

Overall this is one of the nicest "Master Suites" we have had.  (and that's 35!)  If I could change anything...  it would be to  remove that huge soaking tub!  I know, a lot of you love the idea of lounging in a tub.  But, not me.
I can't relax and enjoy it.    QUESTION   How do you read when your hands are wet?  Never could figure that out.
In it's place I would have the entire space a walk-in shower with multiple heads....the Ultimate Shower!  Not to be in this "life", but thought I would let you all in on my wish!

At this time, MC has one tiny project he's playing with.  It's a new MC's Little People.  It is a good one!  I will share as soon as he gets motivated to finish it!!