Saturday, April 27, 2013


You have to be kidding.  I have been in the house too long.....

First, I get this  idiotic  idea to move around some furniture.  Bad idea...Ended up putting it all back..   A lost day!
The next day,  I get the urge to move MIRRORS....all of which led to a massive disaster area here for three days. 



MC has been working on a project for a long, long time.  No big thing, just taking forever.  It has been in the garage for over a month,  and BTW he has touch up painting and some finishing detailing to go.   

We have a  faux marble useless "seat" attached to a  3/4 wall separating the shower from the tub.    Some of you are familiar with these wonderful "features" !  

 "They" are described as seating

Real world,  there is no way anyone can "SIT" on them to perform any task or hygiene routine !!!!  I have tried for years!  Forget it!  No room to sit,  position oneself, or  place necessary items, etc.

  We decided MC could construct a shelf unit to rest on this "space".  He's becoming a Pro at shelf units, so why not another one?  This one  would actually have a purpose and improve it's appearance.

   We carried it in from the garage to make sure it fit!  Can't imagine what would have happened if it hadn't?  It will be finished "In Place"!  There is no way we are going to lug that  back into the garage.

There was a picture where it now sits,  and of course that had to be moved!  Thus the beginning of... "What in the world are we doing?

Another factor contributed to the movement! I was reading about a home and the designer mentioned how fantastic a  family Ceremonial Dress looked in the home's Foyer.    
Where I have seen that before?
..... Except many moons ago it was moved out of our Foyer.

I thought maybe I should  get our "Ceremonial" Christening Dress  back,  front and center!
 For months it has been out of the main area of the house.   Actually as things  progressed, I found an even better place to "display" it,  other than the Foyer......that's later.... Really out of the box!

A few  days ago,  I actually thought I had a plan where each piece would go!  Somehow that "plan" got lost?

 Between hair appointments, which we all know, are of the HIGHEST PRIORITY, meetings, etc. I finally think we are finished ....for now.... 

The mirrors and paintings  have moved at least two or three times......The Morning Test Thing!  Oh boy do we need to fill in holes,  and touch up some paint!

Poor MC, he has been up and down step stools with nails, levelers and hammers!

As of this moment .......

The leather framed round mirror (fondly referred to as the "Spare Tire" ) is  over the mirrored Lady's Desk in the Foyer.
The Zinc table was moved to the TERRACE....So far so Good

Moved the black framed mirror that was in the Foyer and put it over our black painted Hope Chest.   They look like a set, but in reality refinished 20 years apart!
Plan B or C or whatever is still good!


 Erica's Bow fabric piece over M. Bed......Looking good...real good!

 Moved the large gold framed mirror that was over the Hope Chest, into the bedroom over the glass and iron console table, again although they look alike,  they are completely separate items bought and refinished in different years........we are still on a roll.....

 And Finally


 The Dress is now the focal point of the room!  The first thing you see when entering.  The View , not disturbed....still there!!!

PS....MC painted the frame black.....big difference!

When the wall unit in our bath is  finished, I will have the pleasure to pretty it up!




  1. Omgosh, You two are movers and shakers!! I am totally impressed with all of the moves! Shelf unit is perfect, lucky you can stack fluffy white towels!! The Christening dress look absolutely AMAZING in that spot, I think it has found its home. Really changes the look of the already pretty room, puts it up another notch. Love MC little figurine working to hang the pict. of the two of you, what a great hobby full of memories.
    Kathysue is impressed!!

  2. The shelf in the bathroom looks great!! Love MC's little figurines. That's one of my favorites (nice job Dad!). The christening dress looks wonderful there..like that a lot!! Keep up the good work.

  3. WHOA! I would never have thought of the dress there!

  4. Great choices on the mirror changes. The figurine of the ever vigilant MC doing this work is just so adorable. Looking forward to see what's in store for the new bathroom shelves although I know it will be fabulous because that's what you do Patty.

  5. Like all the changes you have made, Patty. Like everyone else, I love the adorable figurine that MC made.

    Have a good rest of the weekend!


  6. The leather mirror looks fabulous in the foyer!! What a great idea for a functional and pretty (after you're finished with it :)) shelf in your bathroom! Love your new focal point, too!

  7. I get tickled every time I visit your blog - if only I could get this motivated!!! Love the mirror in the foyer and the picture over the sofa looks amazing!! LOVE coming here...

  8. You two are incredible! And now I feel inspired to move all the furniture in my shop :)

    Love the Christening gown there....such a beautiful focal point.


  9. Patty I just love your home. Such a funny story because a few years back my mom talked me into re-arranging her family room at 9:30 pm when I was there for a weekend visit. Long story short, at 2:00 am after a bottle and a half of red wine we decided to go to bed. First thing next morning we put everything back where it was.

  10. Your place is fabulous! I love the full tour in this post! MC's figures are so great- you both have such talent!

  11. those rooms are incredible!!! definitely taking notes of what I want in my new apartment :)

  12. Patti your changes are so great!! I love seeing how each change has a snowball effect that leads to another change...that's always the way it seems to go in my house! I loooove the christening gown hung front and center over the windows!! Definitely the wow-factor in the room now!

  13. hehe, aint nothing wrong with moving things around lady. p.s. loving that foyer table. where from? I'm in desperate need of something similar for a client. Thanks mucho.
    don't forget to swing by the blog to enter the giveaway.