Sunday, February 3, 2013


I was beginning to panic.  I hadn't had a brilliant idea in over a week!  Then, out of nowhere, it came.

As is usually the case, I was relaxing, doing nothing in particular,  when the Epiphany hit me!

The last two days have gone as follows:

First,  I decided the new,  fantastic Black and White rug in the Great Room, would "fit" the room better if I moved it 90 degrees.  While MC was at a meeting I accomplished this little job!  It entailed moving all the furniture off the rug, pulling and tugging the rug,  then putting the furniture back.  Did it in 45 minutes!!!!  MC didn't even notice.  I had to point it out to him.

Oh I love this guy, some day I'll tell you some of  what I got away with when MC was flying all around the world with the USAF!

Then the "real" Epiphany began!  The Drapery panels in MC's Library complimented the new  rug so well.  "Why not,  I asked myself,  put those panels in the Great Room, framing the sofa and the room.?"   There was no reason to keep the Gold Damask panels in there.  In fact, they  looked wimpy after the rug was added!

Do I need to say more?  THE FUN BEGAN

For two days we have been moving drapery panels.  Not one, is in the same place it was on Friday!

My inventory:

16    White Cotton panels from Ballard Design.  Originally we had them in our first home here.  Friday they were in the Guest Bedroom and the Master Bedroom.  Four panels on each side of the windows.

6     Gold Damask panels that MC "created" with iron-on tape last March. On Friday two were in the Great Room and four were in the Dining Room

2      Blue Ultra-Suede panels Erica made when we first moved in.  Originally the fabric was for a cornice that we were going to hang in the Great Room.  Never was built!  They have been in the Kitchen.

4     Black and White Geometric panels MC made, again with iron-on tape this Fall.  Friday they were in MC's Library.

I put together a  plan of action  and MC proceeded to rehang rods like a Mad Man.

   There is no buying new!  The rules here are set in stone.  When I get one of these crazy ideas,  I have to figure out how to make it work with what I have.  No cost.....MC goes along!

First we moved the Black and White panels into the Great Room.    Had to do this first.  If it worked, then the entire project was a GO.  WOW, they looked amazing.  I can not believe how they brought the room together.  I guess if I were a "trained" Designer, I would have known this from day one!  But I have to learn Patty's way.  One step at a time and I have to literally SEE it.  I  can't imagine how it will look or draw it.  I have to SEE IT!

Also in the mix was the fact this is an "open" space.  All the windows need to at least compliment each other.

This was the PLAN!

The 4 Black and White Geometric  panels in the Great Room. Two on each side of the windows.

The 16 White Cotton panels would be just the right number to put in the Kitchen, Dining Room and MC's Library.  The White would go nicely with the Black and White in the Great Room.

4 Panels in MC's Room, One panel on each side of the two windows.

4 Panels in the Kitchen,  Two on each side of the windows

8 Panels in the Dining Room.  Two on each side of each window.

 This would keep all the windows in the open area to  two different colors and textures.

The Blue Ultra Suede panels were hung in the Guest Room (The Epiphany Suite),  Those pillows on the sofa, BTW,  are made out of the same fabric!

The 6 Gold Damask panels went into the Master Bedroom. Three on each side.  They are the perfect color.  I really like the way they compliment the chair and the bedspread.



Great exercise for MC.  He's been up and down the ladder for two days!!!!!  Thanks Honey!


  1. quite the shuffle!!!!!! love the changes... good work!

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  3. Oh I love it!!! What a great change!!! It's amazing how different things look when they are moved to a different room. And I am the same way- I have to see something in person to know for sure it will work!

  4. Fantastic Patty! I love the B & W in the family room, and how versatile those white panels are! Love all your light fixtures; the desk lamp in MC's office and the one in your MBR. You are amazing! How about adding some trim to some of those white panels to keep that custom look going? Thanks for your continued support Patty, it is much appreciated! I feel you're as excited about the ORC as we are! You're a loyal ORC fan!
    xo Nancy

  5. MC and I would love to add trim and will when we figure out how to do it without sewing....Neither of us SEW! Maybe fabric glue"?

  6. Those are gorgeous in the family room! Brilliant idea! I love Nancy's idea and I have no doubt you two will figure out a way! :)

  7. You sure know how to improve perfection. I loved it the way it was and now I love the new look as well. As a person who likes to change things up I really appreciate what you do.

    One question...what do you use for shades? If there are shades that is.

  8. Yes, every window has a "Neat Pleat" shade in white from Bali. We ordered them at Lowes. During the day they are pulled all the way to the top, almost giving the appearance of a "valance". This is the fourth home we have used these particular shades.

  9. it's so great when you can use what you have! it looks awesome!!!