Saturday, April 16, 2011



The last piece of the "Ugly Duckling" project arrived!!!!

Patti and Mark came the other day with the "Finial" for the lamp I have been making.

To give you some "History" on this piece....it all began around 1902. My Great Grandmother lived a Glamorous life! She loved to entertain and her parties were considered the BEST. An invitation to one of Christine's Parties was envied by all!!! Amongst her treasures was a Tiffany Glass vase she purchased at Tiffany's, on 5th Avenue in New York City. Not long after, electricity was being installed in homes and table lamps became the "RAGE". She had to have one!!! She took her Tiffany vase and had it converted into a lamp...... never realizing that in so doing, she destroyed the value of the vase!!!

In 1988 my Grandmother moved in with us. .... ...She brought with her most of her furnishings and her mother's "Lamp"! I never cared for it. After my Grandmother passed away, I took the lamp parts out and used it as a "decorative" vase. Remember.....a hole was now at the base ...no water in that vase!!!


Lately, I have been noticing beautiful Murano glass lamps and love them!! I couldn't get them out of my mind !!! You got it EPIPHANY .....Why not convert my Tiffany (can't use) vase back into a lamp!! The Tiffany glass is as much a treasure as Murano glass!!!

The computer is a marvelous invention. With a little research, I was able to find all the parts I needed. We ordered them all....except the finial! MC in no time was able to put the pieces together and I had a GORGEOUS TIFFANY GLASS LAMP!!! Now, the perfect Finial! Greensboro, N.C. has a shop that sells all sorts of lamp parts. I called them and sure enough they had the PERFECT FINIAL. Patti was more than happy to run over and purchase it, and soon after she and Mark arrived it was the CROWN to the new JEWEL!!!!

It is now a treasured, beautiful addition to our home......maybe not the valued Tiffany Vase....but the Tiffany glass still glows!!!!


  1. Very smart! The vase was already "ruined" and you just honored your grandmother by bringing the vase back to her vision!!! And the value of the story behind the vase is "worth" more than if the vase was in it's original condition, but with no story!

  2. You never cease to amaze me! How can you even sleep at night with all these great ideas? You wear me out! Beautiful lamp!

  3. Put a sticker on that one for me. So great!