Saturday, December 11, 2010



Boy...... after 42 years it looks great !!!!!

The sofa has never looked this good...... I can't believe how GRAND it turned out!!!

Kathy Lockwood did a wonderful job transforming a faded, somewhat droopy sofa, into a very special integral part of our home!!!!!

MC and I are so pleased with Kathy's work. We never dreamed our old sofa could be magically turned into the piece that is now the focal point of the Great Room.

We want to thank Kathy for her very talented workmanship........

Kathy can be reached at:


Kathy and I have the "First Sit" test......."Yes, it's very comfy" .....


oh.....it's easy to clean with just water........how great is that!!!!!

The Great Room...... ready for Christmas..... Well sort of! A Lot more layers to add.... in the future....

MC will be constructing cornices for all the windows in the rear of the house. I don't expect them by Christmas though. We are covering them in an ultra suede fabric, a shade slightly darker than the wall color. Looking forward to that addition! Erica and I went shopping last summer in Asheville. Great fabric stores and a great fun day!!!

A big, unexpected, addition will be a 6' x 9' "Flokati" rug in black (of course). I'm going to center it under the red ottoman. Thanks to, two dear friends,... who suggested this medium for the rug. What a great texture addition. I went on line and found a site that sells Flokati rugs and pillows....Stylish Shag & Modern Rugs. Just what the room needs to bring the white and black together......Will order the rug next week, just in time for Christmas and I will share it with a picture when it arrives.

Did some tweaking in the Guest Bedroom. We put the Darryl Carter Thomasville sofa in front of the windows. Need to hang the drapery panels and wait for the cornice. Then.....I will take a picture of our "Guest Suite"!!!

So much to do.....Oh I love it.......
We so Love Our Bucket List House......
Till next time....Enjoy....


  1. Wy do i have this urge to bake a cake? Bob

  2. Oh...NO....!!!!!!!
    Family story.... One morning when our three little "angels" were all under 4, they decided to "bake" a cake! Early one morning before we were up, they went to work! Between liquid Baby Vitamins, A-1 Sauce, sugar and a few other goodies they mixed their creation in a bowl on our sofa....Long story short....we have the sofa recovered!!!!

  3. It looks like it came with the house! Bye-Bye sofa....I'll never get it back now!! The sofa looks wonderful - great job. Enjoy your Winter Wonderland....

  4. Darling Daughter,
    You got it! You can't have it back now!
    Thank you for graciously giving it back....and for you and Mark for bringing it down here. I appreciate it so, so much. Thank you ....Thank you....

  5. You are very welcome! Our pleasure. We had a nice visit and saw your beautiful Bucket House. Combined a lot in one visit- we enjoyed it.

  6. wow!!! truly a whole new world!!! Those crazy birds are gone!! Proof for sure that a classic design NEVER goes out of style!

  7. It "cleaned up" nicely, didn't it Erica???
    And I thought you said birds were in this year.....

  8. hahaha yes, but not those birds...

  9. wait, wait, i want some before/after
    side by side pictures!!!

  10. Claire,
    Go to the Archives on the right of the blog and click on
    to May 31st. The picture of a sofa with a clock, map and a key is the sofa in the original fabric. That's a picture of the sofa immediately after it was delivered in 1968. In fact you will notice one of the back cushions is missing. It had to be remade and arrived a month later.
    Then, click on to Nov.20th and see the sofa as Mark and MC were unloading it from Mark's truck to the upholsterer's truck. There it is covered in it's second "life" with the bird fabric. It is now in it's 3rd life!!!
    Hope this helps....

  11. THe sofa goes very well with the flocking.