Tuesday, November 16, 2010



This all began with THE unique light fixture!!! It's "life" started at the shop where Erica works. She and the owner, Connie, never felt it "fit" the shop's image. So, when they found a replacement last summer, I commented that I could find a place for it. They were more than happy to hand it over........

I was sure it would look great over our kitchen table .....and it did! But..... we had an electrical problem! As the electrician explained....the frequencies it threw off were so "loud" that it caused the circuit boxes in the garage to "pop"!!! The fixture was unusable!!

......Oh Boy.. I could buy another chandelier!!!! By now you all know how I love that!! It took hardly a day to find it's replacement.

I was determined to use the chandelier from the shop somewhere. A chandelier not finding a "home" is too hard for me to accept!!

Bobby, Carla, Giada, Erica and Adam were here this weekend. When I had a quiet moment (rare this weekend!) I asked Erica where we could "hang" it?? It didn't have to "work".....just hang!

Erica looked at me with those sparkling eyes of hers and said: "Grandma, I think I have it"!

Enter Master Carpenter.....we had to figure out how to hang it and not have it look like a chandelier! He remembered the "arms" were movable and placed them in a half circle. He then figured out how to hang it ...

Presto .......

I can't promise how long the "vase" will remain, but for today's photo shot it will do. The plant stand came from England on the ship Grandma's father traveled to the States in the 1800's.

The "Girls" did find time this weekend to do a little shopping. Saturday we ventured to Senoia. Erica found a hat! Just happens that Master Carpenter has one just like it !!

Giada looks better !!!!

(if you look closely, you can see the new chandelier over the table)

Master Carpenter is at work in his "shop" ......he started the Wall Units!!!!! Can't rush him, but I hope we have some progress soon to show........


  1. gorgeous baby and gorgeous chandeliers!!!

  2. FOR SURE! Giada looks the best!! She has a very youthful look.

    Love the new home for the chandelier.

  3. Giada LOVES hats! She will be a hat gal forever :)