Thursday, September 2, 2010

SEPTEMBER 3, 2008........SEPTEMBER 3, 2010


Today is Anniversary EVE!!!!!

Two years ago tomorrow Patty's Epiphanies began!!!!!
I have been know to love the Holiday Eves as much, if not more, than the Holidays themselves. So....I choose today to make my Celebration Post.

This is the First Post of Patty's Epiphanies. I thought it was worth repeating.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome to my World of Design

As an introduction to this blog, I first want to thank my Granddaughter, Erica, for the suggestion that I start this adventure.
Most of my family and friends know that my passion in life is Interior Design. Even as a small child, I remember picturing rooms in different colors and forms. It has only been in my later years that I have been able to express this passion. I have had the benefit of being associated with two designers, one a very talented unknown and the other a very well known celebrity in the Design World. Both have encouraged me to pursue my passion. Through this blog I hope to share all my thoughts (epiphanies). I have been known to change rooms at 3 AM ---just about whenever an idea comes to mind. I am not sure what format this blog will take on. I might let it just fall into place and evolve like design does.

Over the past two years, you all have gotten to know me and my family....especially ...MASTER CARPENTER....
Without Master Carpenter this blog would not exist. He calms me down when the computer goes hay wire, does ALL the technical "stuff" and most of all ......HAS BEEN THE SOURCE OF FABULOUS IDEAS....AS HE DID YESTERDAY WITH THE REPOSITIONING OF THE DINING TABLE ......NOT TO MENTION THE PROJECTS I HAVE ASKED HIM TO DO.....and............HE HAS DONE THEM ALL AGREEABLY!!!!

I have also had my Granddaughter, Erica, at my side (by computer) to give design aid ....AND.....CREATE ALL THE FABULOUS PIECES OF ART AND BEDDING!!!!

Without these two wonderful people Patty's Epiphanies would not exist.

You have learned that I am not quite "Normal"!!!!! Certainly not the typical Grandma as my Granddaughters relate to their friends. I am impatient and I admit to that to everyone......This trait has gotten me into many messes, but in the end they work out.

This blog has been read all over the world. Can you believe that people in Odessa, Ukraine; Penang, Malaysia; Hyderabad, India; Canakkale, Turkey; Casablanca, Morocco; Groningen, Netherlands; and even Telkon, South Africa .

Thank you one and all..........for all your support over the past two years. It has been a ball for me and I hope you have enjoyed reading about my "crazy" ideas, life and antics!!!!!!!!!ON TO BIGGER AND BETTER POSTS.


  1. Oh how wonderful! I have so enjoyed these past 2 years... I think we have all learned and shared creative ideas, but also for those blog followers who are family and friends, we have fabulous documentation of you and Master Carpenter's life together... crazy and ever-changing as it may be! I also think that you, have grown as a designer and creative soul... you've both tackled DIY projects I NEVER thought you'd do! Glue and craft paint in Grandma Patty's house... Never thought I'd see the day! HA! You have so many useful and fun thoughts to share and I look forward to the many more posts to come!

    Congrats to an amazing team and may the next several weeks FLY by so that we may all venture into the Bucket List House TOGETHER!

  2. Thank you Erica for those wonderful, thoughtful words. I hope I can live up to your hopes for better things to come.

    Yes, the glue was a surprise to me also.....

  3. Dear Followers of this Crazy Blog...If you have a favorite ....post it on this comment section or email me. Would love to know everyone's favorite...

  4. Congratulations Mom and Dad. Wow- 2 years. And they said it would never last!!! It's been very entertaining and I have enjoyed looking at all the old houses - especially the trailer!!! I would have NEVER guessed you lived in a trailer!!! Love you both.

  5. Patti, Dear......It was NOT a trailer..it was a MOBILE HOME!!!!

  6. Dear Patty,
    It is hard to believe it is your 2 year anniversary! Your blog has been most enjoyable to me and has helped me to get to know you even though we have never actually met. YET!!!
    My favorite blogs were about the houses and places you and your "handyman" have lived over the years.
    Congratulations to you, the Master Carpenter and Erica!

  7. Carol, Thanks for the praise!! I enjoyed doing those posts. I found some of the "design" ideas I did were really outlandish!! All those flower prints on one bed...a little over the top....what was I thinking?

  8. I love the adventure you have taken us with your designs.

  9. my first favorite: the 30+ homes documentation

    my second favorite: the building of the dining room

    I think that the "places we've lived" posts are so important for family and I am so glad to know the history!!! And the dining room was such a transformation and a very unique idea!

  10. Erica,

    The posts on all our homes was your idea! Thanks, it has been most people's favorite.

    The dining room was a true Epiphany! Never did I think it would turn out so well......