Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sunday's challenge!

I have more time on my hands in this limbo stage than you can imagine. Sunday morning I was imagining where I would put my trio nest of zinc tables. But......I needed to measure the depth of the largest one.....

No problem, so I thought!!!! I would just find it in the warehouse and measure it. To my dismay, it was against the back wall of this fabulous 11'6" x 12'10" room. This space has saved our move! There is no camera shot I can get that shows the extent of the space. Plus..........there is a large walk-in closet filled with stuff I can't even remember!

I was determined......I could get to that back wall....

I started by removing the wing back chair and two stools. Then I started the "climb". One leg over another stool, a few feet down to a slipper chair, over the back of that to the French chair....I was almost there! I had a few boxes to reach over and the glass console, but .....the zinc table was in sight! Finally I could reach it..........

Not so fast! I had my tape measure (thanks to the wonderful Christmas gift from Kenneth) but....my eye glasses were GONE!!!!!! I could measure, but I couldn't see the numbers!!!

So what does a person do in this situation? Go back.........The voyage back was a little more of a challenge, but I was successful and returned to the starting place. I looked all over the rest of the apartment for my glasses, NOWHERE.

You guessed it.........I figured it had to be back in the warehouse! So, I repeated the course. Again..........as much as I searched no glasses! How in the world can a pair of glasses, especially mine .....disappear? The trip back was easier this time. Getting used to the obstacles!

Back in the living/dining/kitchen I tried with all my effort to find these disappearing glasses!! I couldn't find them! Where in the world were they?????

Now, I know I am a little "crazy", but I figured I had to go back, yes back, through the maze.....and find them! You have to realize that for some silly inane reason, each time I return, I put back the wing back chair and the two stools!!! Don't ask...I don't know WHY??? So each time I returned, I had to move them back out!

Again I repeated the process. Again no luck.

I am getting a little smart and this time I didn't put the wing back chair or the stools back. I had an EPIPHANY!!!! Maybe, just maybe......... they dropped on the FLOOR!!!!

Now, if you can imagine this, I got on my hands and knees and looked through the maze of legs and boxes .......AND GUESS WHAT.....I could see them!!!! They were under the French chair!

The PROBLEM.......being able to contort on the floor between boxes, art and chairs to reach under the French chair and retrieve them. The only way........remove more stools which allowed me room to move the slipper chair a few inches. This gave me just enough space to reach under the French chair.........



FINALLY I MEASURED THE TABLE........................

Climbed back, put everything back in place. I had my measurement and after looking at the floor plan, realized the table would not work in the space!!!!!

Just a typical day in the life of a CRAZY LADY!!!!!

AND.... MASTER CARPENTER.............WHERE IS HE???.........


  1. What a visual you created Patty!! But so you don't feel too bad, we've ALL done something like that, being frustrated at where an item disappeared to that we know we just had!!! Glad you found your glasses and didn't get injured in your quest to find them amongst all that furniture!!

  2. Shoot! I kept ready thinking I'd get a picture at the end of the story...That would have been great! I guess if furniture acrobatics could be an Olympic event - we'd have a WINNER!! Keep up the exercising!!

  3. you are one flexible grandma!!!!!! and persistent!

  4. The PICTURE.....is the visual you al "see" in your imagination as you read the words!!!!

  5. My visual is hilarious!!! I wish I could share it with you all. Mom's morning attire is not as stylish as her daytime attire - climbing and bending would be a sight! Maybe Mom should "design" Home-Climbing wear....

  6. Now you got it Patti! I will think about that project. Home climbing wear...interesting. Funny you should mention the attire. I was describing the attire just this afternoon to the "girls" at the Sales Center!!!! It's exactly what you pictured!