Sunday, January 17, 2010

I WAS THERE........

I have spent this week introducing you all to our new friends.....now, I want to introduce you to two wonderful old friends..... and the country's best Interior Designer,...... Kenneth Brown.

As most of you know I have been a HUGE fan of Kenneth Brown, one FABULOUS Interior Designer! He is the first "Idol" I have ever had. It's about time, after 69 years! My Elvis!!! His web address in on the right side of this blog .....I hope you all check it out! It's a great website.... full of wonderful advice, design tips and pictures of some of his work. Without a doubt he has influenced me in ALL aspects!!!

I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting Kenneth two years ago at the High Point Furniture Market. His personality and kindness are unbelievable .....almost surpassing his good looks!!!

As I referred to yesterday, the President of the Kenneth Brown Fan Club, Linda Wiley (the girl on Kenneth's left), organized a "Meet and Greet" with Kenneth at a LA hotel. Master Carpenter and I were planning on attending .....but.... were unable to do so for reasons out of our control. Carol Wheeler, the girl on his right, generously acted as my "Representative"
at the party. I mailed her the picture of myself and she carried it in her carry-on baggage all the way to LA from New Hampshire!!!!

Carol called me this morning to report that it was a wonderful afternoon and Kenneth was THE most wonderful Host..... graciously giving all his time and answering all of the fans questions.

Hopefully there will be another "Meet and Greet" in the future, a little closer to Atlanta,......and Master Carpenter and I will be able to attend!!

Thank you Kenneth for all you have done to make my Design world a beautiful place.


  1. It must be fun traveling on a stick!! At least you were there in spirit!! Hopefully you'll have the chance if Kenneth comes closer to your area. Keep your fingers crossed.

  2. and you packed light! no airline bag fees! :)

  3. Smoothest flight ever! I am hoping Kenneth is able to have an event closer to home so I REALLY can attend!