Thursday, August 20, 2009


Dear Loyal Readers,

There are two huge events coming up.....

First, we are at 3356 hits on the blog!!! That is an unbelievable accomplishment. I never dreamed we would ever reach this number, let alone so quickly!!

To celebrate this monumental celebration I will start watching very closely the hits. As soon as the 5000 hit appears..................the first reader to comment on this fantastic number will receive a token of my appreciation...... So keep checking out there.........1644 to go!!!!

The Second huge event is that September 31 this blog will have it's FIRST BIRTHDAY !!

I want to thank you ALL for taking the time out of your busy lives to read my thoughts and ideas. I hope, over the past year, I have inspired you to enjoy design and that you have tried new things to adorn your homes and lives. The other day I heard someone relate that we change our hair, clothes and appearances.......why not apply that same theory to our homes. Makes sense to me............................the spaces we live in contribute to our overall approach to life!

Thank you again and keep checking.............


  1. Oh don't worry! I check everyday! I'm gonna win!!!! Claire, watch out!

    I think you are doing fabulously with this blog! You have inspired me and I am proud you are my Grandmother!!! you are my "cool Grandma with a blog!" And Grandpa is a wonderful partner in crime! Keep creating and I'll keep reading :)


  2. Thanks to you, Erica, this blog was created. Thank you for all your support and I LOVE being the "cool Grandma with a blog!"

  3. Ha it will be between you and I, Erica, I can tell.

    I'm excited to see how fast you get to 5000!

  4. Glad to see you are in!!! This will be fun.....Maybe I should throw in a bonus on who guesses the date of the 5000? Maybe, depends on the Economy!

  5. A prize??? I want to win!!!!!