Monday, December 8, 2008


The tour was a HIT ...A BIG HIT

Over 1000 upbeat visitors came through. We were told that our home was THE BEST...

The comments and questions were unbelievable. Erica's art was among the most asked about. The picture of Kenneth Brown and yours truly at High Point was also a big conversation piece. Emil's den/guest room gave the visitors an insight into our past with our Air Force and Va. Tech accessories. EVERYONE loved the tree and the decor. The evening tours were by far the favorite. The city added the Christmas Magic ...the VIEWS from our home are fantastic and they definitely showed themselves off these last three days. The entire event was something I will never forget and will treasure for many years.

Today things are back to normal. Although, normal in my life isn't quite the norm!

We are now looking forward to Santa with Steve and Tess. We will miss not having Angela here and will look forward to seeing her this summer....at the BIG party....

In a few days I will get back to regular entries. Have some news and want to share it with all of you.

Stay tuned...

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