Monday, October 27, 2008


Things come in threes. Isn't that what we have been told? I have to admit that I thought about that as I sat down to write. I was about to write about my latest epiphanies: Three entirely different ideas that were all in the process at the same time. (By the way, objects look better to the eye if they are grouped in threes. Just thought I'd throw that little design knowledge in!) But getting back to my latest epiphanies--------------


Before we left for Korea I had decided to have a darker, heavier spread for our bed. Lately, our Heavenly Westin White Bed Linens gave me a cold feeling every time I entered the room. I remembered my Grandmother had two sets of draperies, one for the winter and one for the summer, and she used slipcovers on all her furniture in the summer. I never knew why she went to all that trouble. I loved the way her home looked at Christmas. It was filled with soft, warm, fabrics of velvets and brocades, all in luscious rich colors. By the time Easter was upon us familiar items were being replaced by lighter and brighter versions. It all makes sense to me now. I will bring back the white bedding in the late Spring and meanwhile enjoy my new winter look. Erica, my talented - artist - seamstress, Granddaughter agreed to do the labor. I found a dark, khaki, linen fabric and she graciously agreed to make it for me. She said she would work on it while we were in Korea. To my delight, it arrived the day after we got home ---- it's PERFECT. The room now feels warm and cozy and I love the color. She also has made some items that I will use when our home is shown during the Charlotte Christmas Home Tour. Thank you, thank you, Erica.


I was watching TV a few nights before we left for Seoul and the new "TV Out of the Box" wall was missing something. Just like that--- ANOTHER EPIPHANY---- it needed a "HAT" ! I figured all it would take was a shelf across the top, about 14 inches from the ceiling and painted black (of course). I would place three stacks, of three books, and put a small object on the top of each pile. That would top it off and finish the look. Poor Emil, I made him promise that the moment we got home we would start on it. He agreed --- he liked the idea! Yesterday he went to Home Depot, got all his supplies, and by the time we went to bed it was finished. The books are up, and on the top of each pile is a small white candle. Now it's correctly dressed! HAT and all. The candles are the white gloves!


I had the horrible realization I made a mistake when I hung the drapery panels on either side of our dining area window/sliding door. I had them hanging from the top of the window/sliding door. I decided they would look better if they went to the ceiling, but I had made the mistake and would have to live with it.
Shortly after we settled in at Steve and Angela's I remembered seeing a piece in Kenneth's Journal about trim/fringe accessories and how they changed the look of a room. I thought maybe that would give me the added inches I needed to raise my panels up to the ceiling. I pestered Steve to find a shop in Seoul that sold "trim and or fringe". We never found one, but by the time we returned last week the idea had formed and I knew what I needed to search for.

I looked around and couldn't find exactly what would work. Too short, too fancy,--- TOO EXPENSIVE ! So I decided to buy 2 yards of a contrasting silk and make a border at the hem to add the length. Of course I got BLACK silk, the same weight as the existing pewter color silk panel. The fabric arrived yesterday and we just finished it an hour ago! They are gorgeous!

Oh---have I ever mentioned that sewing in not among our list of talents----we used iron-on tape!

I think I will agree that the theory of threes is true. Three epiphanies and three successes!

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  1. You have three winning new looks. With all the other talents you have in the area of design, I'm surprised that you don't sew but using iron on tape is a wonderful solution. And you have the most wonderful, patient, and willing husband who doesn't seem to mind taking on these projects you set before him. You two make a great design duo!