Sunday, July 14, 2019

Perfecting the Perfect Forever Home


 It's hard for us to realize that we  have been here, in our Forever Home,  for a YEAR!!!!!
  July 16, 2018  we moved into a turnkey,  perfect home.!

All our furnishings and accessories had a place.   No need to change a thing, Right?


  It just  took a few weeks  for me to start "seeing" changes I could make,---- with MC's help.

The first change I wanted to make was in the Sunroom.   It didn't have a " purpose". 
I just couldn't think of how to make it useful!

Then,  in October, our daughter held  a great  party for  MC's 80th  Birthday.   Our son, Steve and his family, gave  MC a jigsaw puzzle of the Old City of Danville, Virginia.     The only problem was we
didn't have anywhere to work on it!  WOW,  the Epiphany hit me.    The Sunroom would make a wonderful Dining Room with a custom table, made by MC.  We could do puzzles on it, and also enjoy dinner parties .     Of course,  the table needed a chandelier,  and so the changes began!!!

Meanwhile,  MC was on Cloud 9.   When we moved to Florida, he gave the kids all his woodworking tools.   With  the gift cards he received ,  he had a good excuse to start replacing  them . Within a few weeks,   MC's beautiful,  custom table,  and a new chandelier created a Dining Room!

Our Dining Room has become the most popular room in the house!   That unused Sunroom now hosts numerous dinner parties and Canasta evenings with friends.  And the chances are that you will  find a jigsaw  puzzle in the works.

The Dining Room was only the beginning.   Since  November,  MC has built cornices, which  changed the  window treatments in the Kitchen,  Great Room and  the Dining Room.  In addition , we purchased two new rugs for the Great Room to compliment the awesome accent blue wall.

 MC's BEST work, however,  is the wall unit he built in  the Dining Room!

I can't leave out the return of the kitchen knobs!   I am so glad we saved them.

As busy as MC has been over these past months,   he has been able to carve five new little MC's.

Not bad for one year in the  "perfect home"!   Can only imagine what is to come.............



  1. The team of "Patty and MC" never cease to amaze me! These projects will keep you young!

    1. Thanks Patti, I believe you are right. We are actually in our 40"s

  2. Great work - beautiful home!

  3. These photos are lovely!!! The lighting is wonderful and your home (as usual) looks like it belongs in a magazine! Smart changes to make it functional for your life there; a place for gatherings and hobbies. Congrats on Year 1 of many (right? no more moving!?) in this bright and welcoming home. ONE DAY, we'll see it in person! Love you both!

    1. Erica this is a beautiful comment. I hope very much you both can see it in person. The guest room awaits.

  4. From a non-functional room to a functional space for hobbies and parties! I like how you always think outside the box, Patty. And MC did awesome work as always!