Tuesday, November 24, 2015


It's been over a month since I did a post.  So much has happened since then.

   After  being on the market for three weeks.  We received 3, yes THREE,  contracts on our Villa!
Our Realtor, Linda Hilley, is the BEST!!  She worked from Griffin, a 2 hour drive through Atlanta to market and sell our home!  You can't find a better Realtor than that!!!!

The couple whose offer  we decided to accept  is a charming couple who had a home  just  three miles from our Villa!  They were downsizing,  and their home was  gorgeous !!!

MC and I packed for a good two weeks.  We did it ALL!  MC made perfect cartons for all of our large art pieces and mirrors.  MC really did a fantastic job!!!

The movers came on time on the 19th and loaded the truck in less than 3 hours.  Prior to all of this,  our sons,  Granddaughter and Linda  came with campers and trailers and took 2/3 of our lives!  Watching it all go was emotional, but a relief that all would have a good home.  In reality, it's just STUFF!

On the night of the 19th, our neighbors, Barbara and Ritchie, graciously opened up their home for us to spend the night.  The four of us "celebrated" at our local Bone Fish Grill with a lovely meal and evening.

The closing was at 3:00 on the 20th.  Our buyers were so excited!   It makes all the difference in the world to know that the buyers were so thrilled to love our home.    I know they will do even more wonders in the coming years! 

The Closing was at three and we were on the road by 5pm,  and in Valdosta, GA  before 10 that night.  Saturday morning we immediately got on the road and arrived in Ft. Myers around three in the afternoon.

First we checked out the Apartment that we leased, sight unseen!

 It even has a wine refrigerator!!

Think we did OK !!!

Then we headed over to my Brother Bobby's home to visit with Bobby  

and my SIL, Sue,  We  went out for a lovely meal.  Bobby arranged with his lifelong friend, George and his wife Sue, for us to stay in their home, which is in the  same community as Bobby and Sue's, until our furniture arrives.  We went right to bed and SLEPT!

 Our furniture isn't arriving until next week.  We are so, so lucky to be able to stay in George and Sue's beautiful home!!!!!

Sunday we spent time with our neighbors from Sun City Peachtree.  Glenda and Russell have an absolutely heavenly home in the same community as my brother and George.  Lots of catching up.  We had a wonderful afternoon.

Today I took a few picture of the apartment.  Once the furniture comes it will look like a warehouse.  We will be there for about 7 months waiting for our place at Shell Point to be ready.  We don't plan to unpack the majority of the boxes.

When the furniture arrives and it's in a"somewhat" livable order, I'll do another post.

MC and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.