Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I actually have a plan......

Hopefully by next week it will all be beautiful for the Charlotte Christmas Tour of Homes.

I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be thinking of you all. Emil and I have so much to be thankful for. I especially want to thank you for all your support with this blog.

Next week the big REVEAL...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008



Sitting here looking out our windows over the beautiful city of Charlotte I must share my thoughts of nature and it's best show!

I know everyone loves Spring and Summer, but I have always thought nature was smart and saved the best for last. The maturing of the year in all it's color and beauty makes me compare it to ones own life. The air is crisp, the sky is pure blue and the colors of orange, yellow and red are breathtaking.

I can't say we are our best, in looks, but as we go through the years, we grow with knowledge and wisdom. This is nature's way of leaving the best of life for last.

Life is a wonderful voyage and each stop along the way has it's ups and downs. I have learned to love the stop I'm at, and not regret leaving the last. I enjoy the memories but look forward to the next. It's exciting and fun. I am always thinking ahead and planning. To stop would be to give up. None of us have any idea what lies ahead. Isn't that great? All those surprises to look forward to. It's the same as waiting for Christmas morning but BETTER. When all the gifts Christmas morning are opened, the anticipation is over. While with our lives the anticipation is ALWAYS there…..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Look




Monday, November 3, 2008

ERiCA...............my granddaughter

ERiCA--------my granddaughter

Today, I am introducing Erica as a contributor to my blog. She is formally listed as: Creative Assistant.

In reality she is much more than that. Erica is the one who suggested I write a blog and she has been a great source of help. She said "Grandma, you can do it, if you need help just call!". I took her advice on both.

Erica has had an artistic talent her entire young life. At 23, she has accomplished so much in numerous mediums of the art world. When you check out her website, you will see why I am so proud of her.


My first hint that something was stirring in that creative mind was when, at age four, she designed and built a house for her Barbies. This was before you could purchase a Barbie Townhouse at Toys R Us! She also spent hours making clothes for the dolls and furnishings for the rooms. She did it all!

ERiCA...............the beginning of our collection

ERiCA-------- the beginning of our collection

I first called upon her for a project several years ago when we wanted a large pop of color for a wall above a 10 foot counter in our kitchen. We had just resurfaced the counter with one inch glass tiles. She used the shapes and colors as inspiration and even incorporated tiles into the piece. There actually are three, two by four foot, panels that interact with each other. They were perfect in the kitchen and today they are absolutely fabulous in our foyer. They carry the pop of red from our living room ottoman into the foyer space.

ERiCA...............her talent continues to amaze

ERiCA--------her talent continues to amaze

When we purchased our king bed I felt we needed a new look of art above it. So---I called Erica!

All she asked me for was a paint swatch of the wall color, and four weeks later this gorgeous piece was in the room. She loves to add lots of texture and this gives a great three dimensional aspect.

ERiCA--------black and white drama

Fast forward to our move to Charlotte------. This time we were looking for a large art piece for over the sofa. Again, all she asked me to do was supply her with those paint swatches! The result was unbelievable ---the color, texture and shapes are perfect for our new home. She incorporates the architecture of our home and building into the work and it really customizes the art to our space.

ERiCA...............WOW, a whole different talent

ERiCA--------WOW a whole different talent

Last month when I was trying to figure out a way to make our bedroom "feel" more comfortable for the Fall season, I remembered she had done an interior design project for a friend's daughter who was entering her teens. The mother asked Erica to help transfer the girls room from "little girl" to a room fit for a young teen. With paint and fabric she performed her magic! So that was it----------I called, and again "commissioned" her work! The result was featured in last week’s blog. The fabric and lining are very heavy and I know she had a "time" with it and the sewing machine! I can't thank her enough for our new spread. It's just what the room needed.

If I think about it, our bedroom would lack any design if it weren't for Erica---------------

ERiCA...............the future

Next month our home will be one of the homes featured in Charlotte's Christmas Open House Tour for a local charity. Erica and I came up with some great ideas. She has made two pieces that are a vital part of the design. One is a special pillow for the bed and the other is a runner for our table. She also sat down, and with ease, sketched out wonderful ideas for me to "work-on" to properly show our home for this event. I can't wait to post the pictures when it's done!

Erica, I know that as time goes by, your talents will expand and grow. The future holds so much for you. Whether you follow your vision with oils, silk prints, jewelry or all of the above ----I know YOU can do it!!! GO GIRL GO!!!

Thank you for all your wonderful, talented help and welcome to my team.

P.S.---note my special custom Grandma bag! Love, love it!