Monday, June 22, 2009


WOW.................It was fantastic. Erica and Adam were absolutely precious!!!! I don't know where to begin or what to "highlight" but will share some of the days events.

The VENUE was a renovated fabric mill and could not have been more picturesque. Perfect for Erica's vision of her wedding. The ceremony and reception were both held there which made "travel" a breeze. How easy can you get.

The DRESS......What can I say....It WAS Erica! I was with her when she shopped for it last summer. She looked at many dresses of different styles but when she spotted this one the search was over! What you can't see are the SHOES. They were perfectly chosen and added the finishing touch.

The VOWS were simple and meaningful. The Minister added a few personal memories from their past .....that brought smiles to faces that were filled with tears of joy!

The PARTY......Perfect, Perfect and filled with artistic Erica accessories. Instead of flower arrangements on the tables, she purchased large vases and filled them with candies. Each table had a different candy. Apparently Adam is a candy nut and she surprised him with this feature. The guests had a great time going from table to table scooping up their favorites! Rumor had it that the M&M table were selling theirs!!!

The BUFFET.... We had a choice of Tradition or Indian (their extra, favorite food)! What fun! and very good!! The Cake was so, so good and so, so different! Leave it to Erica to design a wedding cake like that!

The DANCING.....The First Dance was priceless. Erica and Adam have been taking dancing lessons for months just for this part of the party! They were great!

Emil and I surprised some when we got up and danced to a "fast" number. Most of the guests being on the young side figured people our age can hardly walk let alone DANCE!! We showed them!

I think my FAVORITE part was the manner in which they left for their Honeymoon. For days, Erica and Maggie made origami flowers. When it came time for them to leave all the guests made two long rows. The Happy Couple then proceeded to walk down the "aisle" formed by the guests. As they paraded down, the guests tossed the flowers towards them. How great, AND while this is going on the music is playing New York, New York as they leave the building to go on their Honeymoon (to NYC of course)!

Certainly a day and a Wedding that I will cherish forever.....